If I ever get to lay my hands on the Aladdin’s magical lamp and get a genie at my disposal, other than the wish of having weight inversely proportional to the amount of junk intake😋, I would definitely want to wish that as soon as I close my eyes for a second and open it, the mess that has been created by my two angels in their toy room magically disappears by itself! That is, if the genie didn’t get a panic attack himself, on seeing the clutter in their room.

Who had said that having two girls at home equals having less mess? I would challenge them to personally visit mine and walk around without stumbling upon the numerous unmentionables and unidentifiables.

My kids develop fondness for every toy of theirs and hence each one has an unique name as per its feature. The toys might be torn, distorted, blinded in one eye, shabbily stuffed, limbless, costumeless; that definitely doesn’t matter.The unwritten rule book of theirs states that they would never be disposed. So, the toys have definitely multiplied in numbers with the number of years my angels decided to bestow their love upon us since they made their grand entry! When we mention that we don’t accept gifts for birthdays and Christmas anymore, we really mean business.

When my younger one was born, I literally didn’t have the need to buy anything new, because my elder one loves her toys and games to the T, that they remained untouched over the years! She just caresses them with her eyes, for crying out loud. So, with the arrival of another angel in our lives, we were confident that the toys will have the same fate. But, as she grew up twisting every limb of theirs and with the elder one not ready to throw anything off, we have a lot of body parts of toys than the actual toys now.

You would understand and empathise with me, if I disclose to you about the nightmare I had after watching the toy story movie.I dreamt of toys literally strangulating me, when I tried to sneak one or two away from the prying eyes of my girls.

Some of the toys lined up for punishment. CRIME:Indiscipline in their make-believe school!

In addition to the store bought toys, I get requests to save every one of their scribblings.It all started with my pampered first born.We, the unsuspecting victims, were in that stage where we would start clapping hands, even if she sneezed! So, when she started making paper boats or drew a small hut, we took up the habit of saving every treasure. Since that has become habitual, with the arrival of second born, we are still expected to store every paper, even if it is just a small red line drawn in the corner of a A4 size paper! And there would be inspection conducted regularly, to check if the Picasso drawings are maintained properly, failing which we would be emotionally blackmailed and would be sent on a guilt-trip.You get the drift!

Over the years, we have seen the metamorphosis of unassuming shoe boxes into robots; torn bedsheets doubling up as makeshift tents; disappearance of kitchen cutluries which magically reappear in distorted shape and different colour after few months among their toy kitchen sets; soap and chocolate wrapper collections; toothpaste box crafted as never used pencil box; broken pencils and crayons which might be useful, God knows when; broken combs, hair clips and rubber bands are rearranged and stored for making crafts in the future- which never came and hence are never touched.All these collectibles are numbered on a regular basis and the accounts are perfectly maintained.

In addition to these owned ones, we used to get hand-me-downs from their elder cousins.Lucky are those parents who get to choose what to keep and what to dispose.These dolls are cherished more than the brand new ones; sometimes they do live longer than the original toymaker.

Yours truly had once tried to sneak away few of the broken toys on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when the kids were taking a nap.I still remember tip-toeing the house collecting the underused toys with a James Bond 007 theme music playing inside my head. My children who never wake up even if an atom bomb goes off near their ears, somehow caught me red-handed and I was reprimanded. I had to face emotional turmoil for being the cruel hearted one at home that I didn’t try the stunt for the next couple of years.

I stepped up my game after three odd years and chose a day when my kids were off to school.So, having ample time at hand, I had bribed my househelp to take couple of toys with her. She accepted after much cajoling and took them out.I let out a sigh of relief and did a small victory dance to have finally disposed some toys.Little did I know that she had kept everything hidden under the steps to be taken later and those were the first thing my kids laid eyes on, as soon as they returned from their school. God forbid if I ever had a repeat of that day, where I stood dumbfounded with a hung head!

I have no other way now, but to pray for my kids to grow up soon, outgrow their toys so that they would finally be ready to dispose them off themselves. You wouldn’t believe if I told you that I am ready to beg/threaten or even pay someone just to help me declutter the mountain of toys, some of which has never seen the light of the day!

I sometimes wonder if these toys would outlive me or would be given as family heirloom to my grandchildren.

Published by Ramya Vivek

An altruistic do-gooder, I believe in creating contents that spreads positivity. My posts don't fall under any category. These are my thoughts, reflections and conclusions on life.


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