When Rishi springed a Valentine’s surprise on Raashi by booking an entire resort off the Lone Island for the weekend, she was over the moon.

To say that the place was breathtaking would be understatement. As she was dressing up for their candlelight dinner on the Valentine’s eve, she had an itch that the day would only be getting better from there.

‘What if he proposes me tonight? Won’t it just be an icing on the cake? Should I say ‘yes’ immediately or should I wait him out, make him a little anxious? After all, I have waited long enough for him to pop up the question’ , she mulled over all the sweet possibilities.

Reapplying her lipstick, she was looking at the bathroom door and smiled to herself. ‘What is taking him so long? He should have been a lady for the time he takes to dress up. No wonder he is always late for the parties.’

As she moved to knock the bathroom door, it gave away instead! Suspicious, she entered only to find him lying unconcious in the bathtub. She saw blood oozing out from his mouth making a small pool on the white tiled floor. A blood-curdling screen escaped from her mouth, when she saw ‘YOU ARE NEXT!’ written on the ornate mirror.

She willed her feet to move and get some help, only to be pushed back and hit something hard. A hand slipped from her back, closed her mouth tight shut.

Like a terrified chicken, unable to move, as she closed her eyes and awaited her end, she felt something being slipped on her finger.

“Will you marry me?”, asked Rishi, laughing his heart out, looking at his petrified lady love!


A short tale by Ramya Vivek

Image Credit: TripAdvisor


In Response to Mad About Metaphor: Icing on the cake

Published by Ramya Vivek

Formerly a Software professional, I have been a homemaker for a while. My life revolves around my two daughters. Having started writing only recently, I just discovered what I have been missing all along in my otherwise almost-perfect life. I want to create postive content inspiring minds across all age groups.

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