Know your self-worth! Well, that is some loaded topic, as we have an habit of sweeping self interests and priorities under the rug. But, believe me when I say, knowing one’s own worth is the need of the hour.

Knowing our self-worth is often interrupted by our self-doubts, leading to a strong blow to our self-esteem. We often give importance to what others think about us, rather than what we think about ourselves. So, when at some point in our life, someone would have told us that there is something wrong with us,we start doubting ourselves. When the same person reiterates the fact and find fault with us on a regular basis, we start believing them and find ourselves questioning if we deserve it / do we worth it? There is fault with everyone, no one is perfect.So, why should we decide our deservedness based on someone’s idea of right and wrong?

We deserve respect, love and happiness in our life, irrespective of our past mistakes or our weaknesses. Everyone is entitled to a better life, then why doubt if we are good enough? Every criticism we face has the power to hurt and destroy us, if we start taking it seriously. Remember, we are not a pincushion or pinup board for someone who decides he/she has the power to sabotage our happiness or belittle us!

If we don’t believe that we deserve happiness and not sure of our worth, how can we expect it from someone else? And, we will never allow ourselves to have it, unless we believe that we deserve every ounce of that goodness! No one, but we ourselves, should have the power over us.

The first and foremost step in believing in oneself is taking self-interest and taking good care of self. After a certain age, our life is filled with so many responsibilities that we stop taking care of ourselves. Self-care should never be considered as selfishness. Only when we start neglecting our interests and supress our wishes, we start getting angry even for petty things and even start doubting ourselves. So, it is utmost important to take care of ourselves physically and mentally, to involve ourselves in the activities that relax us like exercising, meditating, gardening etc, whichever suits us. There is always time, we just need to allocate time for some self care.

Women are natural givers and are born nurturers. We always put others’ interests on top, so ours often don’t find a place in our priority list. But, if we don’t put our interests and commitments on top, we start neglecting ourselves. And if we don’t think us worthy of our time and care, how can we expect the same from others?

So, we should never bail out on the commitments that we have set out for ourselves, for we are worth the time, worth the care and definitely worth the love!

I read a quote stating that we aren’t insignificant if we are capable of making someone smile after a hard day’s work by remembering something we have said or done, if we are capable of making someone happier by just paying them a small compliment, if someone remembers us fondly,when they use something we gifted them.Then, sure enough we have touched their lives and had a good influence on someone by our good deeds. Isn’t that a wonderful thought!

Let us know our worth and others’ too. Let us respect and empower each other, because we are good enough and we are worth it!

Remember, our worth doesn’t reduce with others’ inability to see our worth!

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Published by Ramya Vivek

Formerly a Software professional, I have been a homemaker for a while. My life revolves around my two daughters. Having started writing only recently, I just discovered what I have been missing all along in my otherwise almost-perfect life. I want to create postive content inspiring minds across all age groups.

16 thoughts on “KNOW YOUR SELF-WORTH

  1. If you are an altruist, you cannot put your interests above others, especially if you have children. It has to be a middle road somewhere. But on the whole, you are right about women being givers.


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    1. I have an habit of putting everyone above me. I try to please others, even if my likes are at stake there.
      But, of late, I have realized that I need to take time out for myself, that would make me a positive person. I am indeed treading a middle ground here!

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