#139. FASHION: Not my cup of tea

Fashion- the most overrated word of this generation. Call me old-fashioned, but I am okay wearing clothes that I am comfortable in, rather than stuffing myself in the latest craze. I am curious to know how someone could even breathe inside that bodycon? When people go berserk with the latest fashion rage or fad, I just lounge there in my oversized pants gorging on the crisps and wonder, ‘What’s all the commotion?’

Oh the struggle! – Image credit: sciencephoto.com


For Stream of Consciousness Saturday-Sept 19: Word ‘ion’

Published by Ramya Vivek

An altruistic do-gooder, I believe in creating contents that spreads positivity. My posts don't fall under any category. These are my thoughts, reflections and conclusions on life.

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