#145. THAANDAV: A Mystic tale


“Ram and Shyam, the two rebellious youths of the village, questioned everything, their elders had to say. They picked up a battle with almost everyone, making fun of the age old rituals.

“They came to know about a 15th century ‘Kaal Bhairav’* temple. People believed that the Lord himself visited the temple premises everyday at midnight performing the fierce ‘Thaandav’ ** dance. No one dared to visit the temple post 10 PM, as they believed that they will be punished if the dancing God is disturbed during his trance dance, a sacred ritual.

“Making fun of the beliefs as ever, the boys volunteered to prove the villagers wrong. Though the villagers tried explaining the repercussions of their actions, rebel as they were, they stood their stance.

“The date was set. On the no moon day, as the two boys walked on the deserted streets leading to the temple, an owl perched on the gate gave out an ear piercing cry. The night being eerily silent, it echoed off the temple walls.
“The boys laughed it off and went near the big ornate door leading to the main temple. They heard the sound of the big brass bells.

“Curious, as they slowly pushed open the ornate door, they saw a blinding light flashing through, almost stupefying them. That is the last, anyone saw of the boys. They had turned into big brass statues. What they managed to see, no one ever knew, as they didn’t return to tell the tale.”, the priest ended the story of the two statues to a group of foreigners. His grandson Raghu eagerly lapping up the story with a twinkle in his eyes, decided to visit the temple that night to check the dancing God for himself. It happened to be a new moon day.

*Kala Bhirava

Image credit:Indiadivine.org

**Thaandav dance-a fierce dance form


Word Count:299

Photo Fiction For Sunday Photo Fiction-Sep 20

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15 thoughts on “#145. THAANDAV: A Mystic tale

  1. Reminds me of the Bible story about Lot’s wife. She and her husband were instructed by God to never glance back at the city they were escaping from. But the wife couldn’t help herself. The moment she did, she turned into a pillar of salt. It’s interesting how religious myths from around the world share common elements.

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