#364. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO : A Flash Fiction

The love in our relationship already seemed to have reached its expiry date. The fire and passion we shared during the initial days of our relation was nowhere to be seen now.

I had fallen for his carefree attitude and he, for my pleasant demeanor. Over the years, he had started feeling that I had become more nagging a partner, I thought that he had never changed and always remained the same ‘dude’ with zero responsibilities.

Gotten tired of our constant fights, I took the initiative to add that zest to our fading romance and reignite our passion. I badly wanted it to work.

I dressed up in a stylish western attire, switched on his favourite Netflix series, holding up a cigarette and a glass of whiskey in my hands, I put my feet up the desk waiting for his arrival. I felt as if I was the Julia Robert’s from Pretty Woman, waiting for her Richard Gere. Sigh!

The image is from Photo Hoteam at Unsplash.

Tick ..tick..tick the time was running and my ‘Richard Gere’ was nowhere to be seen. I was sure he had planned some impromptu meet-and-greet with his friends and that mere thought made me see red. As he came back home, well past midnight, I had almost chipped all my nails by biting them off.

I remembered why I wanted this and with lot of self-control, tried not to blast him off. Giving him a tentative smile, I did a stylish hair flip and started walking towards my gawking partner in a seductive manner. As I gave him a feather light kiss and hugged him tight, my eyes fell on the cobweb hanging from the ceiling. “Damn you! I asked you to clean the ceiling yesterday! I gave you a single job to do and you couldn’t do even that!”

Just like that, our romance long forgotten, we started bickering again!


For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #91

Published by Ramya Vivek

Formerly a Software professional, I have been a homemaker for a while. My life revolves around my two daughters. Having started writing only recently, I just discovered what I have been missing all along in my otherwise almost-perfect life. I want to create postive content inspiring minds across all age groups.

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