Wish I could have met you in this lifetime!

When in newspaper, I read this morning,
That you’re no more, had left me in mourning.

Symbol of hope to destitute,
As a celebrated oncologist in your brainchild ‘Adyar Cancer Institute’,
You strived to provide service to all.
Your ethos resonated with every work call.

From the most dreadful disease,
To curable, can live with ease,
You were the sole reason to destroy the myth
that devious Cancer had caused,
Your elegant presence and graceful smile offered grith,
With your selfless service, our fears got doused.

Dr.Shanta! You were a Goddess in disguise!
Adorning you, ‘Padma Vibushan’ just got prestigious!

-Ramya Vivek

Published by Ramya Vivek

Formerly a Software professional, I have been a homemaker for a while. My life revolves around my two daughters. Having started writing only recently, I just discovered what I have been missing all along in my otherwise almost-perfect life. I want to create postive content inspiring minds across all age groups.

6 thoughts on “Wish I could have met you in this lifetime!

  1. This, Ramya is one of the best of your posts. I read about the work of this woman doctor who devoted her life to those in desperate need of help, and your description of her as a goddess is very fitting. Have I know her I would try to help, but across the continents, it isn’t possible.

    Thank you.


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