Yes, the recent times are undoubtedly challenging, but It’s not time for sulking. There’s definitely light at the end of the dark tunnel, Be aware of the energy freewheeling in your inner channel. Buckle up, let your spirits up, For it’s time to rejoice, Listen to your inner voice. Break off the gloom, Let yourContinue reading “#375. CHEER UP, EVERYONE!”


Roshan is an hardcore atheist. He can never stand a conversation on God, without indulging in some lighthearted mockery. His mom had long resigned to the fact he can’t be mended. He was a diver and an enthusiastic underwater photographer. Every weekend, he would run off with friends with whom he shared his interests with.Continue reading “#273. UNDERWATER EXPERIENCE”


Does working for more hours make you more efficient or productive? A study conducted among the corporate employees states that the average work hours for an employee has increased exponentially in the recent years.There is a popular notion that a person who puts in more hours at workplace is the most efficient .This, in turn,Continue reading “PRODUCTIVITY VERSUS EFFICIENCY:DOES MORE WORK HOURS MEAN MORE PRODUCTIVITY?”

#25. KRISHNA LEELA: Divine Enticement and Inspiration

Krishna, the ninth ‘avatar’ of Lord Vishnu is one of the avatars other than Ram, who lived a full life(125 years and 7 months) on earth in the Dwapara yug.He took this avatar to relieve the people from the clutches of the demons ‘Kamsa’ and his other accomplices, to establish Dharma/righteousness in the world. KrishnaContinue reading “#25. KRISHNA LEELA: Divine Enticement and Inspiration”

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