The Kiss- A short story

Rohan knew the kiss would ruin everything but he just couldn’t stop himself from leaning over after Sheena said she had always had a crush on him. Sheena’s deep sigh, dazed eyes and thundering heartbeat didn’t help the case either, as knowing very well that he would be regretting the decision later, Rohan went allContinue reading “The Kiss- A short story”

Valentine’s Day – A short story

“That’s so cute. You think you’re scary. But mister, I have seen scary — and you ain’t got his smile”, beamed Snehal. She had just unearthed an attic hole in Rishab’s house. “So, that’s where you keep hiding all that stuff you are always scaring me with. Not anymore Mister. I’ve got you!”, she clickedContinue reading “Valentine’s Day – A short story”

The kiss in the rain – A short story

Sunday 11.30 am “Is kissing in the rain even that great? Maybe we should test it out … purely out of curiosity, I swear!” ‘Oh God! Did I just say that!’, facepalmed Raghav, as his face had already started turning a shade of pink with embarrassment. Sunday 11 am Raghav was seen entering the airportContinue reading “The kiss in the rain – A short story”


I looked around at the almost deserted railway station which would normally be bursting with people, echoing their non-stop chatters. Covid times..I sighed. My mind wandered two decades back. I used to like the train journeys and the happiness, that travel to my grandparent’s place brought along. The packed meal carriers, tea-coffee vendors, bickering withContinue reading “Nostalgia”

When this mom’s pride went for a ride- A short story

“Cut me some slack. I am so tired of you and your kids’ nonstop cravings and temper tantrums”, shouted Megha. She never used to be this hot headed mumma, but lockdown did a number on her. With kids aged 5 and 3 and an older kid, aged 35, read ‘husband dearest’, she was at herContinue reading “When this mom’s pride went for a ride- A short story”

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