IMAGINATION- Rorschach test

As I concentrated on the place, where the sunlight danced on the wall creating images, though my mind tricked me into imagining vampire teeth and heart borrowing Linda’s thoughts, all I could see was a boy with his feet placed firmly on the ground, wearing a flower crown in all his glory, carrying a torch!Continue reading “IMAGINATION- Rorschach test”

#362. THE POLITICAL AGENDA- A Flash Fiction

A week from then was the election day and the party house was booming with activities. Exit poll results that came that evening weren’t favouring them and the spirit of the party workers were all time low. Meghan who was representing the party was seen losing her sleep over it. Her husband Harry wanted toContinue reading “#362. THE POLITICAL AGENDA- A Flash Fiction”

#351. MAAYA, THE DEVOTEE Forty-Two word Tale

The saint saw the hunchbacked lady being pushed by the overenthusiastic devotees, trying to get closer to seek his blessings. He signalled his disciple to help her out. She bowed infront of him, straightened, stabbed him and ran off into the crowd. #MaayaTheAssasin #MaayaAnIllusion ___________________________________ For 42 Words #35: TRICKERY

#289. DECEIVING EYES – A Photo Challenge

When they say ‘Life is full of surprises!’, you might have not believed them. When they say ‘Your eyes might deceive you’, you might have not believed them either! When they say, ‘Expect the Unexpected’, did you believe them? May be, you just need a shock treatment to get those thoughts into your thick skull!😋Continue reading “#289. DECEIVING EYES – A Photo Challenge”

#285. THE TREASURE HUNT- A Flash Fiction

The search for the treasure first started when Sameer laid his hands on his father’s treasured wooden box. It had a map, which was worn out at the creases, with a lot of scribbles/markings all over it and a small key. He tried the key in every possible keyhole and tried opening every chest inContinue reading “#285. THE TREASURE HUNT- A Flash Fiction”

#279. WHAT’S IN THE VAULT? – A Microfiction

“Please..Take whatever you want. Leave the vault alone!” “Impossible. Open it now!” As the cop looked on, she entered the seven digit passcode. The vault opened to show the 10×10 room. She pushed him in and shut the door for good. ‘Serves you right, for falsely accusing my dad and killing him on a fakeContinue reading “#279. WHAT’S IN THE VAULT? – A Microfiction”

#230. UNBALANCED – Twenty-words Tuesday Challenge

1. It is natural to feel unbalanced when you’re trying to strike that perfect balance between professional commitments and personal life. 2. Trying to separate fantasies from reality, my brain went on overdrive and I ended up feeling unbalanced, detached and confused. ________________________________________ For Twenty-words Tuesday – Week 11: Unbalanced

#196. THE BECKONING – A Flash Fiction

Is it just me or does anyone of you have felt that the Moon is growing abnormally in size, month after every month? I have always felt some kind of connection with the Moon right from my childhood. It all started with my mother feeding me in our big garden when I was one, pointingContinue reading “#196. THE BECKONING – A Flash Fiction”

#177. MIND GAME – A Photo Fiction

I have a serious problem of staying anxious, almost every waking second. My friends used to pull my leg that I would be anxious, even when there is no problem in my life, thinking why there is no problem at all! Now, that is me, in a nutshell. I am nicknamed ‘Anxious Annie’, rightly so!Continue reading “#177. MIND GAME – A Photo Fiction”

#174. THE PREDICTION: Flash Fiction

I had a bad feeling about this from the very beginning. Yet, he chose not to listen to me and dragged me along for this ‘fun’ event. Duh! Fun for whom, I wonder! The place gave me an eerie vibe. The lady dressed up in all black with rows and rows of beads and tattoosContinue reading “#174. THE PREDICTION: Flash Fiction”

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