Wrong place at the right time?

“It’s getting hot in here.Why did I even agree to take up this assignment of spying on the drug lord,Winston!” Agent James stopped breathing,when he heard footsteps closer to his hiding place. “Didn’t I tell you,I heard someone.Come on,let’s check before Winston finds out himself and has us killed” “Psst…I told you noone is here”,theContinue reading “Wrong place at the right time?”

Remember the last time…

After his wife’s sudden demise, Victor had inherited all her wealth. Her car had skidded off the cliff and her swollen body was found two days later from the shore. He couldn’t be more proud of his foolproof plan and the clean execution of the ‘accident’. When the case was closed as an accident andContinue reading “Remember the last time…”

A faded film roll and a truckload of memories – A Short Story

Monday morning. Breakfast time. Except for the tick-tock sound of the clock, there was an abnormal silence in the household. Who was I kidding? This was our normal these days. I looked at my husband and children, busy eating their food, with eyes on their mobile phones, their hands and mouth working in tandom. TwoContinue reading “A faded film roll and a truckload of memories – A Short Story”

#386. THE INSPIRATION- A Photofiction

“Woah! This looks so real! Who was your inspiration?” Shweta smiled gracefully, as she lapped up all the praises that came her way. It wasn’t everyday that someone who had been away from the art scene for a while, made heads turn with her dashing comeback. To many, it felt as if she had neverContinue reading “#386. THE INSPIRATION- A Photofiction”

#364. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO : A Flash Fiction

The love in our relationship already seemed to have reached its expiry date. The fire and passion we shared during the initial days of our relation was nowhere to be seen now. I had fallen for his carefree attitude and he, for my pleasant demeanor. Over the years, he had started feeling that I hadContinue reading “#364. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO : A Flash Fiction”

#341. LONELY SOULS- A Three Line Tale

A lone nightingale perched up a tree is seen singing a song of melancholy at night. I could so relate to his plight, for he is seriously up for attracting his mate and here I am, waiting for a single call from the girl, I am besotted with. We both seem to live in ourContinue reading “#341. LONELY SOULS- A Three Line Tale”


Finally! I am going to meet her, after six long years! I couldn’t afford to fly back to my high school sweetheart until now. Our twenty minutes per week phone call was never enough. Toiling for over six years to get my Medical degree from a prestigious college overseas, I had worked doubly hard duringContinue reading “#303. HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS”

#262. SWEET REVENGE – A Microtale

I detested him. My mom never seem to have good taste in men. This morning he visited our cafe wearing a dark coloured tight shirt that accentuated his paunch. As he scanned the place, his vicious eyes fell on me and stayed there for a minute. How my mom could not see those warning bells!Continue reading “#262. SWEET REVENGE – A Microtale”


I have never felt this frightened before. But, I have never seen a ghostly figure, this close before, either! I hadn’t gone out for a while now, due to the pandemic scare and when the situation slightly bettered, I couldn’t wait to put on my hiking shoes. I waited for a week just to beContinue reading “#257. THE NIGHT THAT CHANGED MY LIFE- A Photo Fiction”

#256. CAUGHT IN THE ACT- Photo Fiction

A couple in a heated discussion somewhere in California He: Did you just see what’s printed in the paper today? She: Why? What’s so special in it? You always seem to be hooked to the page 3. He: You wouldn’t believe this..you have always been raving about Cheryl and how she would go to anyContinue reading “#256. CAUGHT IN THE ACT- Photo Fiction”

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