It’s time I took a stand- A fictional tale

I looked at Rajveer, my husband of ten years. I couldn’t understand the reason for his sudden outburst. Most of the times, I would be shouted at, for no fault of mine. The trigger could be any, from misunderstanding with his manager or work load, to a traffic jam or a migraine, he would getContinue reading “It’s time I took a stand- A fictional tale”

#318. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!- One Minute Fiction

I, the undersigned, hereby wish for the COVID situation to stay on and that the Government extend the Nation-wide lockdown. We, as a community, could walk on the road without being honked upon, without the fear of getting hurt. Stay Corona Stay! If you support me, please sign this petition in Regards, Deck, theContinue reading “#318. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!- One Minute Fiction”


     Friends are irreplaceable in everyone’s life. Good friends are loyal, dependable and are sure to leave their footprints in our hearts! The living distance between the true friends might grow, yet they never grow apart. Though life takes us places and separates us from our close ones, the memories made last a lifetime offeringContinue reading “LIFE LESSONS FROM THREE CONTRASTING FRIENDSHIPS OF MAHABHARAT”


Between your “It’s time” and my “There’s still time”, our love budded. Between your pessimistic attitude and my optimistic outlook, our love bloomed. I know you don’t have much time. Yet, I was too selfish. I wanted every single moment of your life, that’s left, only for me. With every passing moment, you are slowlyContinue reading “#224. WILL THE TIME STAND STILL?”


As Geet drove along the expressway with her ten year old, “Mumma..Can people only related by blood love each other?” “No honey..Don’t you see dad and I love each other, yet not related by blood?” “So mumma..Are you saying that people not related by blood can love too?” “Exactly!” “Then why can’t you and grandmaContinue reading “#202. THE UNEXPECTED QUESTION- A Microfiction”


“Mumma….mumma” “Yes, my dear” “My friend just told me that there are blood sucking vampires out there, who take a stroll down the lane during the daytime too.” “No dear. She must be joking” “No mumma. She saw them cutting necks, screaming some mumbo-jumbo and when the hot blood starts flowing down the neck, sheContinue reading “# 187. OH THE HORROR!”


It came as no surprise, when she entered the shop and found it inhabited by snakes. Well, it was bound to happen. With the shop being shut for almost a year due to the deadly viral attack, what did she expect to see, when it was reopened! The artifacts and collectible shop had been herContinue reading “#170. WHERE TO NEXT?”

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