I am fed up. I can’t take this scrutiny and torture anymore! Always looking at me with her fiery predator eyes, she makes me feel cornered. How she manages to catch me red-handed, everytime my hands are inside the toffee jar or when my short hands manage to reach for a smart phone or aContinue reading “#179. BURDEN OF A CHILD”

#151. FOLLOW ME?

‘Where I go, no one can follow me‘, said Reva with a mysterious smile, which piqued Ravi’s interest. Reva is the most beautiful girl, he has ever met. He could just go ahead and confess her to be his dream girl. ‘What might she possibly mean?’, he thought but, couldn’t come to a conclusion. ‘IsContinue reading “#151. FOLLOW ME?”


‘Your eyes are my saphire stardust; I am happily lost in them’, he said dreamily. I lost myself in his husky voice. His love seemed to be my only vice. I hung up on every word of his, finding myself in an eternal bliss. Enchanted and enamored, I almost gave every other relation, a miss.Continue reading “#126. STARDUST IN MY EYE!”

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