The Glass door

“What’s taking them so long!”,Sam was pacing anxiously outside the operation theatre. He heard a nurse call his name and hurried towards her. Sam looked through the glass door that separated him from his wife,who was lying there looking languid. In his eyes,she never looked prettier,as he stood there caressing her and their newborn daughterContinue reading “The Glass door”


Jim was the biggest prankster of the family, he always tried his pranks on his unsuspecting baby sister. With the Halloween around the corner, Jim had planned a major prank involving the scariest doll. Just to ward off suspicions, he acted sweet and caring to her all day. When his sister was out for herContinue reading “#222. IT’S PAYBACK TIME!”


A change of season always gives me great perspective on life. If things are going great, It makes me pause. Gives me a reminder to stay humble, for What’s mine today, might be someone else’s, the very next day. If things are going real bad, It reassures me that this too shall pass, helps meContinue reading “#219. CHANGE OF SEASONS”


Ellen is smart, no doubt. But, when it comes to taking challenges, she never thinks twice or thinks wise. Last checked, she had run into the snow wearing just her swimsuit ending up with a frostbite. After a series of stupid collarbone and A4 challenges, she finally went about aping ‘Kylie Jenner’, got her lipsContinue reading “#217. ‘DARE’ SCARES”

#194. NEW RESTAURANT IN TOWN! – A Flash Fiction

I have a confession to make. I am a big time foodie. Any new restaurant launch or food competition in town, I am expected to be in attendance. I am that popular. Street style foods or five star restaurants, the standard doesn’t matter to me as much as the variety and taste. My wife makesContinue reading “#194. NEW RESTAURANT IN TOWN! – A Flash Fiction”

#190. OLDIE GOLDIE – A Mini Rant

‘Old is gold’, my wise mom never forgot to repeat the age old proverb to emphasize the wisdom she has come to attain with age.Well, the rebel me always came up with the perfect retort, ‘Old might be gold, but new is diamond’. If I could paraphrase it for the current times, I would sayContinue reading “#190. OLDIE GOLDIE – A Mini Rant”

#171. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! – A Photo Fiction

I was lost, rendered completely helpless because of my arrogance. I had always been the most pampered kid. Being the only kid to my parents, who were also the only kids to theirs, I was spoiled rot by my grandparents. So, you can understand how my whole world would have rocked, when my parents gleefullyContinue reading “#171. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR! – A Photo Fiction”


It came as no surprise, when she entered the shop and found it inhabited by snakes. Well, it was bound to happen. With the shop being shut for almost a year due to the deadly viral attack, what did she expect to see, when it was reopened! The artifacts and collectible shop had been herContinue reading “#170. WHERE TO NEXT?”


I could see how stressful my husband was, though he refrained from showing his anguish. The zany person that I was, I wanted to cheer him up. I’d faked a fight and was to fake my fall too. But, I fell down on my back, for real. Clumsy me! As I saw him laughing atContinue reading “#168. ANYTHING FOR LOVE!”

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