#289. DECEIVING EYES – A Photo Challenge

When they say ‘Life is full of surprises!’, you might have not believed them. When they say ‘Your eyes might deceive you’, you might have not believed them either! When they say, ‘Expect the Unexpected’, did you believe them? May be, you just need a shock treatment to get those thoughts into your thick skull!😋Continue reading “#289. DECEIVING EYES – A Photo Challenge”


What has happened to us? Did we attract some evil eye? We were always the most popular couple amongst our relatives and friends. We were pure ‘Couple Goals’. But of late, I’ve been having a nagging feeling that something wasn’t right. The once attentive wife seemed so distracted now. After dodging the topic for aContinue reading “#286. HAVE I LOST HER ALREADY?”

#254. THE FEAR – A Flash Fiction

For the record, I don’t believe in ghosts and I double up in laughter whenever my family chooses to watch any scary movie on television. When they would be busy watching the scenes hiding under the blanket or behind the sofa, I would tear up, unable to control my laughter. Jump scares really do thatContinue reading “#254. THE FEAR – A Flash Fiction”

#253. BEHIND THAT SMILING FACE – An Inspiring Fictional tale

The scuttlebutt in our village has it that she must either be a witch or a Goddess. But collectively, everyone believed that she had special powers for, no one has ever seen her cry, not when she was hated at birth because of her gender; not when polio paralyzed her legs, because of not beingContinue reading “#253. BEHIND THAT SMILING FACE – An Inspiring Fictional tale”

#241. THE REASON – A Microtale

“Why did you choose this field?” “Are you sure about doing this, because you should know it doesn’t pay you that much.” “After toiling yourself for years together in getting formative education, why should you struggle here?” “What happened to your lucrative white-collar job? Don’t tell me you just left it for this?” Even asContinue reading “#241. THE REASON – A Microtale”


When I saw my daughter’s eyes dancing with joy as she took in the accumulated toy pile, it somehow felt right to bring her here. While affording a new toy was a privilege for us, looking at the pile of broken and unused toys thrown out by the privileged kids of the condominium made meContinue reading “#239. UNWANTED?”


This is her first time on the Ferris Wheel. As she laughed with unbridled joy, the twinkle in her eyes instantly transported me to the time, when I took her mom for the first time in the same ferry wheel. I still laugh everytime, remembering how she had screamed and held onto me for herContinue reading “#238. REMEMBERING HER”


‘I am home.’ This statement holds more value now, as I just got back after being in the Mental Health facility for six months. My parents handled me like I was some crystal vase that could crack any moment. Uf! I thumped the desk in frustration. No, I wouldn’t cry. How I wish, relieving myselfContinue reading “#237. THE NEW BEGINNINGS”


“You annoy me with your childish behaviour and carelessness. Remember the other day, how you forgot your bike after parking it by the dock!” “….” “Your unorthodox parenting methods irritate me. You pamper the kids and make me look bad.” “…..” “Even now, you ain’t listening.” Oh dear! I’ll be a goner if I don’tContinue reading “#235. WHAT’S TRUE LOVE WITHOUT A LITTLE BICKERING?”

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