Is it better to be my husband’s daughter rather than being his wife?

I guess almost every wife of this subcontinent would have wished for this atleast once in their marital life, “How I wish I were my husband’s daughter rather than being his wife”. Sigh!

The reason being simple, even though your husband loves you to the moon and would have promised you stars, the moment he sets his eyes on his new born, she becomes his first love. It’s love at first sight for him and from then on, the wife and her priorities slightly take a backseat.

You might be feeling uncomfortable with cramps, but hey! that would have become the topic of the past or it had already lost its newness by then. The moment his offspring cries for reason being as small as a paper cut, just visualize this hullabaloo in the house! Mister would be running all around the house, tending to his crying kid with Dettol, cotton, Burnol, Vicco turmeric, Boroline, cold water bag and what not! Soon, a frantic call would be done to doctor and a Google search made to check if the kiddo needs tetanus! My God! The mother would then walk around him calmly, apply some antiseptic on the cut, a small drop of honey on the crying kid’s tongue and everything would be good in the big bad world once again.

Don’t even get me started on the whole vaccination fiasco. I would be the confused mom standing there, not knowing whether to hold my daughter’s leg tight for the injection or to give a shoulder to my crying husband, who couldn’t just watch his daughter cry.

Sometimes, I feel that the husband’s love had transcended through generations just surpassing one. The ‘Shravan Kumar’ incarnation of a Mumma-boy soon turns into a full-blown papa of ‘Aloknath ji’ incarnation, crying his heart out for every discomfort of his mother and child, but wife? Hey! Isn’t she someone else’s daughter! Sometimes, I am so tempted to ask then, if your kid bleeds, it is blood and if I do, is it tomato sauce!!

Looking at this man who would have had a full blown panic attack at the delivery table, just by looking at the act on the sidelines in the labour room, you would think that from then on, you have bonded on another level, since he has seen you in your worst state and the compassion in his eyes would have just created a flutter in your heart. But, hold the gun. The moment, his daughter was placed in his hands, every deal would break then. The world would cease to exist for him or in other words, the kid would be his only Universe from then on, around which he revolved.

But, hey! I shouldn’t be talking all this. Hadn’t I been my dad’s little princess? Everytime my mom would complain about my laziness or disinterest in household chores, he used to subdue her with just a look and his words, “Let her be! She isn’t born to do all this”. This princess then cheered at her interim win and excused herself from jobs that would ruin her perfect manicure. ‘Hey dad! You should have looked at me now. I am doing much more than that’, I would want do say. But mom, I feel you now.

How could I even forget the day I had my first daughter? For my every wail, for my every scream inside the ward, my ex-servicemen dad had cried like a small baby, waiting on the corridor outside. My mom later told me that she was busy pacifying my dad that she almost forgot that her daughter was the one delivering inside. Go figure!

How the most courageous men turn into cooey puddle the moment it comes to their daughter! I had been the apple of someone’s eyes, once. I say ‘once’ here because the day my dad had set his eyes on his daughter’s daughters, he was taken too! That was the day this reigning queen was dethroned by her successors!

So, it’s my turn now to watch on the sidelines and sigh! My smart husband and the smartest dad turning into clowns to make my daughters laugh, isn’t it a sight to behold! Yet, I couldn’t make my heart stop wishing to be in their enviable position. If wishes were horses…

The Kiss- A short story

Rohan knew the kiss would ruin everything but he just couldn’t stop himself from leaning over after Sheena said she had always had a crush on him.

Sheena’s deep sigh, dazed eyes and thundering heartbeat didn’t help the case either, as knowing very well that he would be regretting the decision later, Rohan went all in and captured her lips in a deep impassioned kiss.

Soon good sense took over and Rohan took a step back, still holding the tantalizing gaze of hers. He didn’t know how to react to the situation. For once he felt whole, having Sheena in his arms. Yet the reality of the situation loomed in front of his eyes clouding his vision.

“I am so sorry, Sheena”

“What are you sorry for?”

“For this. For what just transpired between us”

“You might be feeling sorry. But, I AM NOT. Thanks for letting me know though, Rohan”

With that, Sheena turned and started taking long strides to reach the other end of the street, where she stayed with her family.

Rohan paused a minute not knowing what to do but soon rushed after her.

“Sheena..Please wait”

“Why should I? If I remember correctly, you just made yourself very clear”

“Please listen to me”

“Listen to what, Rohan? I just bared my heart out and kept it on a platter in front of you, only for you stomp all over it. Why did you even kiss me? Out of pity?”

“Oh Sheena! You are getting it all wrong. I kissed you because I wanted to and believe me when I say, I was thinking on the same lines as you for quite long. I had loved you since you moved into our locality ten years back”

Sheena stood transfixed. Her eyes shimmered with some unknown emotion.

“I had always wanted you but thought that you weren’t interested in me that way. Our friendship mattered more to me and I didn’t want to lose it over some fantasy of mine. But just when you mentioned that you share a similar feeling, I couldn’t control myself”

“Then, why did you say that you regret it”

“Because my parents just spoke with yours for the alliance of my elder brother. And if I rightly remember, you readily agreed for it. Now, will you please tell me, why did you even accept to it, if you were fancying me?”

Sheena’s face turned a deep shade of pink.

“That was so foolish of me to believe that your parents had brought your proposal for me. Oh! That’s what I thought! Never in my wild dreams would I have imagined that they would have been thinking about your brother whom I have hardly met and who visited India only once in every three years.”

“But, what could we do now? They asked and you accepted already. Where am I even in the picture?”

“Does your ten-year-old love mean nothing to you?”

“Believe me, it does. It means the world to me. But at what cost, Sheena? Putting both of our families into a catch 22 situation? How will I even face my brother after that?”

Sheena didn’t have an answer either. Just then, piercing the silence of the night, Rohan’s mobile phone rang. His ‘Bappi Lahiri’ ringtone made Sheena smirk even in that situation.

Rohan’s face changed looking at the name displayed on the phone. Pleading with his eyes, Rohan picked up the call and answered,


“Rohan, my bro! Am glad you picked up the phone”, his brother hollered from the other end.

“What happened Rihaan? Is everything alright?”

“Nothing is right anymore. What am I hearing? Mom and dad had fixed my alliance with that girl, what’s her name again?”

“Who? Sheena?”, At the corner of his eyes, Rohan saw Sheena walking back to the park bench resentfully.

“Yes, bro. What are they even thinking? Am I a child? Doesn’t my choice matter anymore?”

“What are you even talking about?”

“Bro..I know Sheena is your buddy. I am not saying that she is a bad girl. But, I am in love with my teammate, Catherine and we have already moved in together”


“You there? I know this would shock you. But, just think about our traditional parents and tell me frankly, will they ever accept a foreigner as their daughter-in-law? How would I even tell them?


“Bro, I really need your help. Please try to avert this alliance somehow, before they proceed further and turn it into a full-blown wedding scenario. Neither am I coming to India anytime soon nor will I leave Catharine. Hey…I am in a hurry. Hope you would find some solution soon. Call you later today. Bye”

Rohan stood there as if he was in a trance. What just happened? Sure, this night was developing into a full-fledged movie scenario. He came to know that his parents had fixed his brother’s alliance with Sheena, then knowing Sheena liked him too, to embroiling in a soul-stirring kiss with her, only to realize a moment later than she would no longer be his and to this now! Seriously, knowing that his brother wasn’t interested in Sheena and wanted him to end the alliance was just icing on the already delicious cake.

Rohan’s eyes took in Sheena’s stooped form. Then he remembered, ‘Oh! She didn’t know anything yet!’

He almost ran and dragged the surprised Sheena into his arms, only to continue what had just been paused previously.

“Oh Sheena!”, he sighed before tucking her head in his chest and taking her into a bear hug.

“You won’t believe what just happened!”, said he, claiming her lips with conviction this time.

‘Explanations can wait’, his heart sighed in contentment.

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