#393. LET’S TAKE A BREAK! – A Microtale

It’s been a while since Joan and Alexa went out on a proper date, due to their jampacked work schedules. They realized that they’d indeed reached a breaking point, when misunderstandings started cropping up. They decided to take a break. The warm weather and clear skies beckoned them for a picnic day followed by aContinue reading “#393. LET’S TAKE A BREAK! – A Microtale”

#339. IS LIFE REALLY FAIR? – A Microfiction

“Pappa…Can I have an apple?”, my five year old asked me. “Not now, dear!”, I told him patiently. “But, there are plenty here.Why can’t I have atleast one?”, my child asked again. Due to lockdown restrictions, our small shop was allowed to reopen only today. With hardly any customer, I am not sure if weContinue reading “#339. IS LIFE REALLY FAIR? – A Microfiction”


Hello everyone. How are you all? I know you’ve all seen better days. Well, 2020 seems to be cursed. We’ve always stayed closer offering comfort to the old souls, we have heard sweet-nothings of first love, silent cries of many heartbroken souls, have witnessed chit-chats and petty fights. Now, we are forced to stay afarContinue reading “#296. WE ARE HOPEFUL!”

#263. ZOMBIE SCARE? – A Microfiction

When I saw the pictures and live videos of the Halloween party I had missed, being posted on social media, I grudgingly had to accept that my friends indeed had a great time. But, for the next two days, I couldn’t reach even a single one of them. ‘What would have happened after the party?Continue reading “#263. ZOMBIE SCARE? – A Microfiction”


“You annoy me with your childish behaviour and carelessness. Remember the other day, how you forgot your bike after parking it by the dock!” “….” “Your unorthodox parenting methods irritate me. You pamper the kids and make me look bad.” “…..” “Even now, you ain’t listening.” Oh dear! I’ll be a goner if I don’tContinue reading “#235. WHAT’S TRUE LOVE WITHOUT A LITTLE BICKERING?”


As Geet drove along the expressway with her ten year old, “Mumma..Can people only related by blood love each other?” “No honey..Don’t you see dad and I love each other, yet not related by blood?” “So mumma..Are you saying that people not related by blood can love too?” “Exactly!” “Then why can’t you and grandmaContinue reading “#202. THE UNEXPECTED QUESTION- A Microfiction”


I couldn’t take my eyes off that beauty. I had longed for one, since the day I started my professional running sessions, but couldn’t afford it. Barefoot running never hindered my performance, but my trainer advised me to invest on a good pair of shoes to participate in the professional circuit. ‘No one is claimingContinue reading “#157. WHAT DOES A ‘HAVE-NOT’ HAVE?”

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