IMAGINATION- Rorschach test

As I concentrated on the place, where the sunlight danced on the wall creating images, though my mind tricked me into imagining vampire teeth and heart borrowing Linda’s thoughts, all I could see was a boy with his feet placed firmly on the ground, wearing a flower crown in all his glory, carrying a torch!Continue reading “IMAGINATION- Rorschach test”

#261. ONE-LINER WEDNESDAY: Pro tip for the grocery store visit

Never forget to carry an extra set of masks, for you wouldn’t know the aftereffects of sneezing into the mask and not being able to change it; but I do and believe me when I say, it is worse than holding your breath while using the public toilet! ______________________________________ This is issued in public health😋Continue reading “#261. ONE-LINER WEDNESDAY: Pro tip for the grocery store visit”

#234. THE THING NOBODY TALKS ABOUT: One-Liner Wednesday

I have always wondered, what people could have possibly achieved with all the extra seconds they have saved by typing just ‘k’, ‘U’ and ‘S’ in the messengers and email communications! #JustAsking This post is written for One-Liner Wednesday: October 14th


Looking at the fortune cookie message, she smiled, straightened her back, looked at him straight in the eye, wished him luck for his happy married life and danced the night away, the heartbreak brought by his betrayal long forgotten. ____________________________________ For One-liner Wednesday

#129. MAD MOM ALERT!: One-liner Wednesday

As I smothered my sleeping angels with kisses, the mad mother in me couldn’t wait for them to open their eyes, only for them to wake up and start playing their mischievous music for the day! #Mom’sMultipleMoodSwings #ThugLife ____________________________________ In response to One-liner Wednesday-16th Sep

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