#373. YOU ARE AWESOME- One minute Fiction

Sonia was obese even as a kid. Though she was a happy kid growing up, once she hit her teens, she was trolled brutally by her high schoolmates and was losing her confidence. With frequent weight checks and senseless crash diets, her once happy face had lost its charm and she always looked flustered. Rita,Continue reading “#373. YOU ARE AWESOME- One minute Fiction”

#335. CATCHING A GLIMPSE : One Minute Fiction

My mom was always after me to make me an early morning bird. Nocturnal that I was, even having an heavy metal as my alarm tone couldn’t do the trick of waking me up from my deep slumber. So, she challenged me that if I could be awake to see the Sunrise even for aContinue reading “#335. CATCHING A GLIMPSE : One Minute Fiction”

#318. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!- One Minute Fiction

I, the undersigned, hereby wish for the COVID situation to stay on and that the Government extend the Nation-wide lockdown. We, as a community, could walk on the road without being honked upon, without the fear of getting hurt. Stay Corona Stay! If you support me, please sign this petition in Change.org. Regards, Deck, theContinue reading “#318. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!- One Minute Fiction”

#275. IT’S MY FIRST TIME! – One Minute Fiction

Now, this is my first time setting foot on a posh mall. Growing up in a family of twelve, never in my wildest dreams, had I thought of entering a place which cried of sophistication. My job as a nanny to the royal triplets has gained me a place here, amongst the high and mightyContinue reading “#275. IT’S MY FIRST TIME! – One Minute Fiction”


This is her first time on the Ferris Wheel. As she laughed with unbridled joy, the twinkle in her eyes instantly transported me to the time, when I took her mom for the first time in the same ferry wheel. I still laugh everytime, remembering how she had screamed and held onto me for herContinue reading “#238. REMEMBERING HER”

#184. WHAT IF? – One Minute Fiction

As I waited in the deserted waiting lounge, I can’t help but wonder how it would have been, if I had got a chance to fly just a month back? I could have been at my mother’s side, when she breathed her last. Come to think of it, had I reached there in time, willContinue reading “#184. WHAT IF? – One Minute Fiction”

#141. SWEET HOME ALABAMA: A MicroFiction

As I took up that lucrative job offer in the city that never sleeps, never thought I would miss Alabama. Yet, here I am, lying on my back and breathing in the fresh Alabama air, as soon as I set foot on the place that still holds my heart! ________________________________________ For #1MinFiction Challenge- 16th Sep

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