Answers reside within you!

You’re always on the lookout and are busy seeking outside, while the actual answers reside within you, waiting to be unveiled. When you embrace the fire called ‘Faith’ within you, it melts away the gloom and negates the negativity surrounding you. When you embrace the fire called ‘Hope’ within you, it shows you the newContinue reading “Answers reside within you!”

#372. PRIDE AND ENVY- Three line tale

A lady residing in a beautiful mansion with the worldly pleasures at her disposal, looked through the window, her attention arrested by a beautiful swan, dreamed herself living a carefree life. A beautiful swan who was trapped all alone in the frozen lake, looked longingly at the warmth offered by the mansion, wanting to getContinue reading “#372. PRIDE AND ENVY- Three line tale”

#341. LONELY SOULS- A Three Line Tale

A lone nightingale perched up a tree is seen singing a song of melancholy at night. I could so relate to his plight, for he is seriously up for attracting his mate and here I am, waiting for a single call from the girl, I am besotted with. We both seem to live in ourContinue reading “#341. LONELY SOULS- A Three Line Tale”

#266. RACING DAWN: A Three line tale

In the crisp winter morning, she ran, her speed and mane matching that of the white horse. She had someone’s arm candy, personal secretary, personal meal prep chef, most willingly, forgetting to live for herself, only for that someone to take her for a ride. Now she ran, the exertion making her forget the past,Continue reading “#266. RACING DAWN: A Three line tale”


When I saw my daughter’s eyes dancing with joy as she took in the accumulated toy pile, it somehow felt right to bring her here. While affording a new toy was a privilege for us, looking at the pile of broken and unused toys thrown out by the privileged kids of the condominium made meContinue reading “#239. UNWANTED?”


Nishi thought of people who had written her off, when she took the brave decision of birthing and raising her kid single-handedly at the peak of her modelling career. She never regretted the decision even for a moment as she was always sure about her priorities. She work hard and now after two straight years,Continue reading “#205. SHE HAS ARRIVED!”

#186. THE LOVE OF MY LIFE – A Microtale

I was feeling overwhelmed with the whole arrangements and the pain he had taken to make the moment perfect for me. I walked as gracefully as I could manage with my long train, as I wanted to be beside him at the earliest. Reaching the other end of the archway, I saw him smiling lovinglyContinue reading “#186. THE LOVE OF MY LIFE – A Microtale”


I gawked at him spellbound, was unable to even blink my eyes for, he looked so frightening and amusing. He took a handful of powder from his funny looking pouch, threw them in the air, creating colorful hues, chanted some indecipherable incantation, I was completely mesmerized by the spell cast by him. I was instantlyContinue reading “#158. MUMBO JUMBO”

#131. HOW WE MET: Three line Tales #242

As I parked my car, I saw a pair of eyes shining unusually bright, reflecting light off the headlights. I got spooked, as an emotionally drained person that I am, I had chosen to live alone in a cottage surrounded by wilderness. As I gathered courage and got down from my car, you came alongContinue reading “#131. HOW WE MET: Three line Tales #242”


In response to Week 241 of 3LineTales ———————————————- Venice, a city where the old world charm meets the modernity, has managed to charm its way into my heart, right from my childhood. So, it was no big surprise to my family, when I declared my love for an handsome Venetian, whom I first met throughContinue reading “#112. HAPPILY EVER AFTER!”

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