#385. A SILENT PRAYER – Fifty worded story

‘It’s the magical fountain’, the guide said. ‘Whatever you wish for, would certainly turn real. Just drop a coin turning back, once the wish is made’, the tour guide mentioned. ‘God! I wish to have a little sister, as early as tomorrow’, pleaded the innocent boy offering a silent prayer. _________________________________________ For 50 Word ThursdayContinue reading “#385. A SILENT PRAYER – Fifty worded story”

#354. REMEMBERING HER – Fifty Word Microtale

She’d little doubt that she was about to suffer the same fate as Elizabeth, her twin. When Elena was pushed into the water, she sighed remembering her sister who’d drowned to death. As she struggled to keep afloat, ‘Great going sis’, she heard her sister’s voice propelling her to swim. #HerFirstSwimmingLesson ___________________________________ Word Count:50 ForContinue reading “#354. REMEMBERING HER – Fifty Word Microtale”

#271. NEVER BACK DOWN – A Microfiction

The hurt caused by her cheating partner seemed to jeopardize Rihaana’s sense of reasoning. She reached the door, threw it open, and, as the train picked up speed, she leapt out. Just then, a gentle tap on her shoulder brought her back to the reality. Two pairs of innocent eyes were looking back at herContinue reading “#271. NEVER BACK DOWN – A Microfiction”

#241. THE REASON – A Microtale

“Why did you choose this field?” “Are you sure about doing this, because you should know it doesn’t pay you that much.” “After toiling yourself for years together in getting formative education, why should you struggle here?” “What happened to your lucrative white-collar job? Don’t tell me you just left it for this?” Even asContinue reading “#241. THE REASON – A Microtale”


I am a successful corporate professional, visiting my hometown after years. Getting off my SUV, I did a double take glancing at the place that was once lush with greenery looking like a graveyard now. I looked questioningly at my dad who gave me a wry smile, “If everyone of you from this generation migrateContinue reading “#211. GREENER PASTURES”

#183. YOU CAN NEVER PULL ME DOWN! – A Flash Fiction

“One grilled cheese sandwich and a sweet tea please.” The first ever order came in but, I couldn’t move even a muscle. Although taking order was a simple thing to be doing, something strange was happening. “You are fit for nothing. No one except me will ever take you. You will be rotting somewhere, ifContinue reading “#183. YOU CAN NEVER PULL ME DOWN! – A Flash Fiction”


My laugh echoed off the deserted pathway. Testing my recently acquired magical powers, I made the lamps, light and explode on their own. Confidently, I made the road to crack in the middle. Just when I felt invincible, I stumbled and fell right into the crack, I had just created. _____________________________________ For Fifty word ThursdayContinue reading “#166. CONFIDENT OR IGNORANT?”

#133. FIXATION – A MiniTale

Here I am, showing off my beauty, waiting for you to appreciate it. You ignore me, only to tweet the whole world about your whereabouts with hashtag, #BirdLove. Hypocrisy much? Don’t even get me started on the whole selfie fiasco. Somebody please get me a placard already -‘PHONES PROHIBITED HERE’. _______________________________________ #JustABirdTalk In response toContinue reading “#133. FIXATION – A MiniTale”

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