Jim and Shelly were out shopping in the mall and that was when their eyes fell on the sorry yet intriguing sight, a skeleton on display. “Do you see it?” “Oh my God! It looks so scary!” “Do you know why they have exhibited it there?” Shelly got curious. “Oh tell me why?” “They wantedContinue reading “#337. THAT’S HOW THEY ROLL!”


Finally! I am going to meet her, after six long years! I couldn’t afford to fly back to my high school sweetheart until now. Our twenty minutes per week phone call was never enough. Toiling for over six years to get my Medical degree from a prestigious college overseas, I had worked doubly hard duringContinue reading “#303. HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS”

#268. ANYTHING FOR A FEW ‘LIKES’- Photo Fiction

“Shh…keep quiet”,his mom mumbled. ‘What’s with her?’, the mallard thought as she pushed him behind the tree almost forcefully. That’s when he saw a group of people visiting their place. ‘Oh God! Visitors again! And I see that willful guide coming up front’, he thought. “But mom, don’t you worry. They might be selfie enthusiasts.Continue reading “#268. ANYTHING FOR A FEW ‘LIKES’- Photo Fiction”


‘I am home.’ This statement holds more value now, as I just got back after being in the Mental Health facility for six months. My parents handled me like I was some crystal vase that could crack any moment. Uf! I thumped the desk in frustration. No, I wouldn’t cry. How I wish, relieving myselfContinue reading “#237. THE NEW BEGINNINGS”


“Where are we? I have never been here. This place is so beautiful.” “I know you would like it here dad. That’s why I wanted you to accompany me on my morning walk today.” “I am glad I did.” Giving sideways glance to his beaming face, I couldn’t control my tears. ‘Oh dad! I stillContinue reading “#208. SMALL HAPPINESS”

#180. THE HORROR STORY- A Photo Fiction

I have been on public transport, many a times. But, this is one of a kind. If you ain’t living under a rock, you would know about the whole fiasco caused by the pandemic. So, after months of waiting, I am finally heading to my hometown, seated in a bus runnning at half capacity. WeContinue reading “#180. THE HORROR STORY- A Photo Fiction”


Today is definitely not my day. Wanting to make the best impression and to show her, I had been serious about us all along, had planned a fun day for us. We started playing badminton. I let her win many sets, though she sucked at the game. Remember, making an impression! Just then the stupidContinue reading “#154. DEAR BAD LUCK”

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