#327. THE ANTICIPATION- A Short Fiction

I had butterflies in my stomach whenever he crossed path with me. My heart fluttered in anticipation for a single glance of his. I was antisocial and an introvert. So, I could neither come up with a valid excuse to talk to him nor was bold enough to make the first move. Years passed andContinue reading “#327. THE ANTICIPATION- A Short Fiction”


It is an Annual event, all the more reason to celebrate it merrily. Wow! I am finally 18. Feeling sublime that I am finally adult, I thought its about time everyone starts treating me like one! As I lazed around in my bed with eyes still closed, the frying smell of hot snacks from myContinue reading “#249. THE AWAKENING”


I am always a strickler for principles. That’s one of the few streaks I have inherited from my mom. I follow them and insist my kids follow those rules too. I keep reiterating these thoughts so that they are ingrained in them. I thought to share a few of them here, for you to ponder.Continue reading “#245. SOME THOUGHTS TO PONDER”


It is our first anniversary today. As we walked hand in hand into the restro-bar to celebrate our one year of togetherness, my mind started replaying the day we first met. It was a Friday and as I waited for my turn to read the lines I had written for the Friday Poetry Night, myContinue reading “#242. LOVE STORY”


“You annoy me with your childish behaviour and carelessness. Remember the other day, how you forgot your bike after parking it by the dock!” “….” “Your unorthodox parenting methods irritate me. You pamper the kids and make me look bad.” “…..” “Even now, you ain’t listening.” Oh dear! I’ll be a goner if I don’tContinue reading “#235. WHAT’S TRUE LOVE WITHOUT A LITTLE BICKERING?”


Shed the inhibition, Shred the fear, Loosen your buttoned-down demeanor. Let people think what they want to, Dance to your heart’s desire. No pattern or synchronized steps, Just create some crazy hook steps. Be cordial with your own self. Deadlines and assignments can wait, Just take it light, for You’ve just got one shot atContinue reading “#228. COME ON, LET’S CELEBRATE LIFE!”


Riya was not an orphan, but she felt like one. She was an unfortunate kid, but there used to be a time when she felt blessed. Her dad, a street busker had met her mom during one of his performances, courted her and eventually got married. They had a lovely life, with the arrival ofContinue reading “#225. HEY LIFE, HERE I COME!”


Dana’s life wasn’t the same when her parents decided to divorce when she was just two. Reason for the separation- her mom saw herself too sophisticated to stay in the ranch with her dad. Late realization! She later told Dana that the day she finally decided to move out and move on was the dayContinue reading “#214. MY DADA AND I”


“Sweety, did you see my mobile?” “Chweety, did you chee my mobile?” “Sweet, Mamma is serious!” “Chweet, Mamma cheerious” I controlled the burst of laughter by biting my lips inwardly, seeing my little one trying to imitate me. This is an age old technique used to irritate the other person. Looking back, there are countlessContinue reading “#210. MY DEAR IMITATOR”


The joy that comes with the hard earned success is indescribable. Life surely has a knack of picking up and throwing challenges at you when you least expect them. It is understandable even if you fail. Yet, what would make your journey special is your ability to show resistance – refuse to bow down tillContinue reading “#206. TAKE A STAND!”


As Geet drove along the expressway with her ten year old, “Mumma..Can people only related by blood love each other?” “No honey..Don’t you see dad and I love each other, yet not related by blood?” “So mumma..Are you saying that people not related by blood can love too?” “Exactly!” “Then why can’t you and grandmaContinue reading “#202. THE UNEXPECTED QUESTION- A Microfiction”

#197. THE GHOSTBUSTER – A flash fiction

Am I an exorcist? Well, people think I am one! Whenever a supernatural presence is felt, I am beckoned by the frightened inmates of the house to study the haunted place and let me hunt the spirits. Well, I will let you in on a secret of mine. I don’t possess any skills to expelContinue reading “#197. THE GHOSTBUSTER – A flash fiction”

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