Riya– Ryan once used to be my brother’s best friend, who don’t see eye to eye on things anymore. They had a major rift three years back, common friends soon took sides and their rivalry only seemed to grow over the years. I am stuck in the middle of all this. Well, Ryan has myContinue reading “#195. IT’S COMPLICATED!”

#194. NEW RESTAURANT IN TOWN! – A Flash Fiction

I have a confession to make. I am a big time foodie. Any new restaurant launch or food competition in town, I am expected to be in attendance. I am that popular. Street style foods or five star restaurants, the standard doesn’t matter to me as much as the variety and taste. My wife makesContinue reading “#194. NEW RESTAURANT IN TOWN! – A Flash Fiction”


I woke up with a start, as I heard my wife banging vessels in the kitchen. ‘What’s with her?’, I wondered irritatedly. The headache caused by the hangover was unbearable. ‘I would never ever drink again. No more night outs’, I promised myself for the millionth time. I heard the continuous thrashing in the kitchen.Continue reading “#192. NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN!”

#188. SORRY NOT SORRY – A Flash Fiction

My wife is a fitness freak. Well, I appreciate it, until the very fact doesn’t come back to bite me. I take pride in the fact that she gives utmost importance to her physical and mental health, while I see it being sadly neglected amongst many women her age. To an extent, I complement herContinue reading “#188. SORRY NOT SORRY – A Flash Fiction”


I have always been the underdog in my family as well as my class. While I had a twin brother who was the college hunk and the most popular guy of the whole University, I would always receive flack for my way of dressing, my stuttering and for those geeky glasses. We were as contrastingContinue reading “#181. WELL-WISHERS IN DISGUISE!”

#175. JUST HANG IN THERE! – Flash Fiction

Just for the record, I was in a big mess. I messed up with all my relationships and in turn, they didn’t think twice before leaving me high and dry. Then the pandemic hit, I was already living in isolation and now it looked like I was living in an island, with just my workContinue reading “#175. JUST HANG IN THERE! – Flash Fiction”


My husband has never been a boyfriend material! Well, what would you comprehend when your boyfriend asks if you spend more on makeup, on your first ever date! Sure, he is genuine. His goodness can be bottled up and taken home, but he hasn’t mastered the art of being subtle. So, there are more daysContinue reading “#169. SUBTILITY IS AN ART!”


I heard the steady drip drip. Seeing it was pouring heavily, I felt dejected, ‘There goes my plan for the day!’ Even as the rain pitter-pattered on my windows, I could still hear foot steps that went pitter-patter against the wooden floor. ‘Could it be them?’, I wondered. Wanting to catch them red handed, IContinue reading “#164. PITTER-PATTER”


People might..brand you mad, call all your efforts futile, laugh at your attitude, make you a target of catcalls. It might feel futile to protest. But, you better concentrate on the job at hand, And prove them all wrong. Let their claims of judging and knowing you be- just tall tales! ___________________________________ Words to beContinue reading “#161. TALL CLAIMS”


Money can never buy your ticket to victory. Perseverance can. It is the only key that could open your door to success! So, buy your ticket, hop on that success train and hold on to your seat of confidence singlemindedly, till your goal is reached. Don’t let the pressure, get the better of you! __________________________________Continue reading “#156. TICKET TO SUCCESS”

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