Leap years are cursed, atleast for Rihaan. Born on 29th February 2000, he got to celebrate his authentic birthdays only once in every 4 years. Added to his woes, the year he was born, his father lost his job due to the Y2K problem. What more? He has broken his leg, his favourite pet died,Continue reading “#149. LEAPING UP TO GLORY”

#146. ADDICTION : A Flash Fiction

It was Maria’s first wedding anniversary. Her partner, Sam and she had made a lot of plans for a grand celebration to mark the occassion, but the unexpected viral attack played the spoilsport. Sam wanted to surprise Maria with an indoor pool party. He had planned everything to perfection. But, Maria seemed to be payingContinue reading “#146. ADDICTION : A Flash Fiction”

#142. HARSH REALITY: A MiniFiction

It is already 1 AM and I have been on my toes since 1 PM, in my killer high heels. I have to report for a photoshoot at 5 AM sharp tomorrow followed by a ramp walk rehearsal for a famous, but big headed designer at 6.30. I took my harsh makeup off and removedContinue reading “#142. HARSH REALITY: A MiniFiction”

#137. RELICS OF A BYGONE AGE? : A Microtale

Raghu, a wayward adolescent and a rebel, was the original torchbearer of racial equality in his hometown. He led a team of like minded youngsters, fought tooth and nail to bring in the much needed social reforms. He was bracketed with the new wave of revolutionary youths. Now, fifty years later, his efforts long forgotten,Continue reading “#137. RELICS OF A BYGONE AGE? : A Microtale”

#135. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: A microtale

“If you can’t differentiate between a gem and chaff, because of your big fat ego, it is your loss. You are just being adamant and unreasonable there! I have had enough.”, she said, as she sauntered out of the room, out of her toxic relationship, with her head held high! ________________________________________ #FiftyWordTale Three words Challenge:Continue reading “#135. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: A microtale”

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