Reima’s misconceptions

“Oh! I can’t take this anymore! I feel like dying”, twenty year old Reima uttered in despair. “Don’t talk like that, Reima! Heartbreak isn’t the end of the world”, her mom, Sheena tried consoling her. “You could easily say that. I am the one struggling here. I don’t understand why God keeps punishing me. First,Continue reading “Reima’s misconceptions”

#364. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO : A Flash Fiction

The love in our relationship already seemed to have reached its expiry date. The fire and passion we shared during the initial days of our relation was nowhere to be seen now. I had fallen for his carefree attitude and he, for my pleasant demeanor. Over the years, he had started feeling that I hadContinue reading “#364. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO : A Flash Fiction”

#323. CROWD FRENZY – A Flash Fiction

It was the first time the President was going to address the public after he got reelected. The crowd was uncontrollable and the securities had a difficult time containing the enthusiastic crowd. Social distancing rules were flouted in the air, as people made a beeline to witness their President’s first ever public appearance. As theContinue reading “#323. CROWD FRENZY – A Flash Fiction”


What has happened to us? Did we attract some evil eye? We were always the most popular couple amongst our relatives and friends. We were pure ‘Couple Goals’. But of late, I’ve been having a nagging feeling that something wasn’t right. The once attentive wife seemed so distracted now. After dodging the topic for aContinue reading “#286. HAVE I LOST HER ALREADY?”


Riya was not an orphan, but she felt like one. She was an unfortunate kid, but there used to be a time when she felt blessed. Her dad, a street busker had met her mom during one of his performances, courted her and eventually got married. They had a lovely life, with the arrival ofContinue reading “#225. HEY LIFE, HERE I COME!”

#197. THE GHOSTBUSTER – A flash fiction

Am I an exorcist? Well, people think I am one! Whenever a supernatural presence is felt, I am beckoned by the frightened inmates of the house to study the haunted place and let me hunt the spirits. Well, I will let you in on a secret of mine. I don’t possess any skills to expelContinue reading “#197. THE GHOSTBUSTER – A flash fiction”

#182. THE CHOICE – A Flash Fiction

As I sat down on the cushioned chair by the window overlooking my garden, having high tea served by a uniformed butler, my crinked eyes gave a slow sweep over this place that had been my home for almost 70 years now, that held so many memories. Things would have been different and I wouldn’tContinue reading “#182. THE CHOICE – A Flash Fiction”

#130. IN LOVE WITH LOVE: Flash Fiction Challenge

Even though I know that every path of mine will lead me to your home just fine, being a hopeless romantic that I am, I still wish to choose that one pathway that would lead me to you faster. You know, I don’t do anything halfway, When I fall in love, I fall harder. IContinue reading “#130. IN LOVE WITH LOVE: Flash Fiction Challenge”

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