Reima’s misconceptions

“Oh! I can’t take this anymore! I feel like dying”, twenty year old Reima uttered in despair. “Don’t talk like that, Reima! Heartbreak isn’t the end of the world”, her mom, Sheena tried consoling her. “You could easily say that. I am the one struggling here. I don’t understand why God keeps punishing me. First,Continue reading “Reima’s misconceptions”

Beware! You are being watched!

The black dog followed them home.Not only on that day, but the days that followed that fateful day. Ria and Rohan were adventuresome twins who often took off on thrilling escapades. They always lived in the moment and lived for the exhilaration and the adrenaline rush. The twins got an high end sports car forContinue reading “Beware! You are being watched!”

That girl in Burqa

Rishi and his gang had occupied their usual place. Their usual place was a half constructed wall facing the famous women’s college of their neighborhood. Their way of unwinding was to tease the girls walking past them and grading them on the basis of their assets. To say that they were the infamous notorious gangContinue reading “That girl in Burqa”

#407. MY SPECIAL SOMEONE: Yet Another Chapter of my love story

It had been a while since my husband and I went out on a proper date, due to our jampacked work schedules. He was managing a high priority client and I was leading a new team full of freshers. What worried us more was the fact that he worked on the night shift and IContinue reading “#407. MY SPECIAL SOMEONE: Yet Another Chapter of my love story”


“Shut your face and cover up, will you? You’re frightening the kids around”, Hamsa was chided frequently. Her present state had already taken her courage, confidence and words, away, tormenting her soul every waking moment. She could only cry, for the hurt caused by the people’s stares were more painful than the actual scars givenContinue reading “#406. YOU CAN’T SHUT ME UP ANYMORE!”

#399. DOMINIC, THE HEAD-HUNTER! – A Flash Fiction

Dominic bowed his head to hide his face. This was the first time he had to hide his face, for he always stood in the forefront, leading his peers and setting an example of how fast one can grow in a corporate sector if he possessed the right mind, never losing his single-minded focus toContinue reading “#399. DOMINIC, THE HEAD-HUNTER! – A Flash Fiction”

#364. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO : A Flash Fiction

The love in our relationship already seemed to have reached its expiry date. The fire and passion we shared during the initial days of our relation was nowhere to be seen now. I had fallen for his carefree attitude and he, for my pleasant demeanor. Over the years, he had started feeling that I hadContinue reading “#364. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO : A Flash Fiction”

#362. THE POLITICAL AGENDA- A Flash Fiction

A week from then was the election day and the party house was booming with activities. Exit poll results that came that evening weren’t favouring them and the spirit of the party workers were all time low. Meghan who was representing the party was seen losing her sleep over it. Her husband Harry wanted toContinue reading “#362. THE POLITICAL AGENDA- A Flash Fiction”

#343. TRAPPED – A Flash Fiction

Never in my wildest dreams, had I ever thought that a day that would start off like any other day, would transpire into THE day that I would never forget in my life. I swiped out my identity card marking the end of a long day’s work, stepped inside the office lift to go home.Continue reading “#343. TRAPPED – A Flash Fiction”


Jim and Shelly were out shopping in the mall and that was when their eyes fell on the sorry yet intriguing sight, a skeleton on display. “Do you see it?” “Oh my God! It looks so scary!” “Do you know why they have exhibited it there?” Shelly got curious. “Oh tell me why?” “They wantedContinue reading “#337. THAT’S HOW THEY ROLL!”

#323. CROWD FRENZY – A Flash Fiction

It was the first time the President was going to address the public after he got reelected. The crowd was uncontrollable and the securities had a difficult time containing the enthusiastic crowd. Social distancing rules were flouted in the air, as people made a beeline to witness their President’s first ever public appearance. As theContinue reading “#323. CROWD FRENZY – A Flash Fiction”


Rita was already running late to catch the last bus to her place. She had to pass through a dark alley to reach the bus stop. Her heart stopped beating, as she saw him lurking in the alley way. Rita had seen him begging in the traffic signal across the garden for the first time.Continue reading “#319. INSTINCTS AND JUDGEMENTS”

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