That girl in Burqa

Rishi and his gang had occupied their usual place. Their usual place was a half constructed wall facing the famous women’s college of their neighborhood. Their way of unwinding was to tease the girls walking past them and grading them on the basis of their assets. To say that they were the infamous notorious gangContinue reading “That girl in Burqa”

The Corpse and a Valiant Cop

Xavier wanted to dart as fast as he could across the lifeless form that emanated the putrid odor. Yet, he stood transfixed to the spot. It was his first day at work and being a rookie cop, he wanted to impress his partner, who had been in the department for five years. Unfortunately, their teamContinue reading “The Corpse and a Valiant Cop”

Liar liar…pants on fire!

PHOTO PROMPT © Susan Eames “What did you do to yourself?” “I fell down the stairs” “But, isn’t the terrace locked and the key lost” “So, what do you imply?” “Do you really want me to spell it out? I am sure you’ve conjured up this story, so as to escape my family get together”Continue reading “Liar liar…pants on fire!”


“Shut your face and cover up, will you? You’re frightening the kids around”, Hamsa was chided frequently. Her present state had already taken her courage, confidence and words, away, tormenting her soul every waking moment. She could only cry, for the hurt caused by the people’s stares were more painful than the actual scars givenContinue reading “#406. YOU CAN’T SHUT ME UP ANYMORE!”

#376. THE IRONY – Six Sentence Story

Ravi looked at the clip again on the editing table. The familiar tingling sensation engulfed him, ‘to keep it or to chop it’. He doesn’t endorse superstitions and was known to make meaningful movies that always carry social reform messages. But as a director, he was always stuck choosing between the logic and luck. HeContinue reading “#376. THE IRONY – Six Sentence Story”

#372. PRIDE AND ENVY- Three line tale

A lady residing in a beautiful mansion with the worldly pleasures at her disposal, looked through the window, her attention arrested by a beautiful swan, dreamed herself living a carefree life. A beautiful swan who was trapped all alone in the frozen lake, looked longingly at the warmth offered by the mansion, wanting to getContinue reading “#372. PRIDE AND ENVY- Three line tale”

#362. THE POLITICAL AGENDA- A Flash Fiction

A week from then was the election day and the party house was booming with activities. Exit poll results that came that evening weren’t favouring them and the spirit of the party workers were all time low. Meghan who was representing the party was seen losing her sleep over it. Her husband Harry wanted toContinue reading “#362. THE POLITICAL AGENDA- A Flash Fiction”

#341. LONELY SOULS- A Three Line Tale

A lone nightingale perched up a tree is seen singing a song of melancholy at night. I could so relate to his plight, for he is seriously up for attracting his mate and here I am, waiting for a single call from the girl, I am besotted with. We both seem to live in ourContinue reading “#341. LONELY SOULS- A Three Line Tale”

#327. THE ANTICIPATION- A Short Fiction

I had butterflies in my stomach whenever he crossed path with me. My heart fluttered in anticipation for a single glance of his. I was antisocial and an introvert. So, I could neither come up with a valid excuse to talk to him nor was bold enough to make the first move. Years passed andContinue reading “#327. THE ANTICIPATION- A Short Fiction”


This post of mine is going to be my outlook on life and would be philosophical. Just like this adorable panda who has got a comfortable basket, still eyes on a bigger wicker basket, we keep eyeing on better things in our life, while neglecting wonderful things that are already at our disposal. To beContinue reading “#322. HOW CONTENT ARE YOU?”


Rita was already running late to catch the last bus to her place. She had to pass through a dark alley to reach the bus stop. Her heart stopped beating, as she saw him lurking in the alley way. Rita had seen him begging in the traffic signal across the garden for the first time.Continue reading “#319. INSTINCTS AND JUDGEMENTS”

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