Wrong place at the right time?

“It’s getting hot in here.Why did I even agree to take up this assignment of spying on the drug lord,Winston!” Agent James stopped breathing,when he heard footsteps closer to his hiding place. “Didn’t I tell you,I heard someone.Come on,let’s check before Winston finds out himself and has us killed” “Psst…I told you noone is here”,theContinue reading “Wrong place at the right time?”

Liar liar…pants on fire!

PHOTO PROMPT © Susan Eames “What did you do to yourself?” “I fell down the stairs” “But, isn’t the terrace locked and the key lost” “So, what do you imply?” “Do you really want me to spell it out? I am sure you’ve conjured up this story, so as to escape my family get together”Continue reading “Liar liar…pants on fire!”


An enthusiastic tourist, I started clicking pictures of everything that caught my eye. That was when my eyes fell on the approaching form and I was taken aback. I had met her during an hour long train trip where she had occupied the seat next to me. I was besotted with her beauty, the momentContinue reading “#336. AND WE MEET AGAIN!”


‘How can someone be so mean?’, thought Ria for the hundredth time that day. Her photo was splashed all across the internet and she had been trolled mercilessly ever since. Someone hit her casually on the college corridor and she fell down. She was in rude shock, when a now infamous photo of hers takenContinue reading “#297. GIVE IT BACK TO THEM!”

#262. SWEET REVENGE – A Microtale

I detested him. My mom never seem to have good taste in men. This morning he visited our cafe wearing a dark coloured tight shirt that accentuated his paunch. As he scanned the place, his vicious eyes fell on me and stayed there for a minute. How my mom could not see those warning bells!Continue reading “#262. SWEET REVENGE – A Microtale”


“You annoy me with your childish behaviour and carelessness. Remember the other day, how you forgot your bike after parking it by the dock!” “….” “Your unorthodox parenting methods irritate me. You pamper the kids and make me look bad.” “…..” “Even now, you ain’t listening.” Oh dear! I’ll be a goner if I don’tContinue reading “#235. WHAT’S TRUE LOVE WITHOUT A LITTLE BICKERING?”

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