#343. TRAPPED – A Flash Fiction

Never in my wildest dreams, had I ever thought that a day that would start off like any other day, would transpire into THE day that I would never forget in my life. I swiped out my identity card marking the end of a long day’s work, stepped inside the office lift to go home.Continue reading “#343. TRAPPED – A Flash Fiction”

#275. IT’S MY FIRST TIME! – One Minute Fiction

Now, this is my first time setting foot on a posh mall. Growing up in a family of twelve, never in my wildest dreams, had I thought of entering a place which cried of sophistication. My job as a nanny to the royal triplets has gained me a place here, amongst the high and mightyContinue reading “#275. IT’S MY FIRST TIME! – One Minute Fiction”


What is a celebration? Why are festivals being celebrated with such fervor in every part of the world? In my opinion, celebration is the joyous occasion of celebrating this life, grateful for what God has given us, honoring it with the people who are closer to our heart. Celebration with the family and as aContinue reading “#260. CELEBRATING EVERYDAY OF THIS NEW NORMAL LIFE!”


This post is quite personal and closer to my heart. I have always tried to be an obedient and responsible person, even before I knew the actual meaning of those words. Being the first offspring, I had always inculcated that sense of authority of being a dutiful daughter, even when it was not expected ofContinue reading “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER”


Now, this is going to be the second part of my lockdown entry. In the previous post, I had mentioned how I started drawing all of a sudden, giving my family, a pleasant shock. Continuing with my idea of bringing in a story line of an epic, I started drawing a few episodes from theContinue reading “#198. LOCKDOWN DIARIES #2”


COVID induced forced shutdown would have caused major inconvenience to many, my family included. But, this also has been the most humbling experience by far. The realization that not all things are under our control had struck home and I hope it stays there for a while!😀 Personally, I have had the best of experienceContinue reading “#189. LOCKDOWN DIARIES #1”


Who are you? Are you the one who plans life well in advance or are you the one who takes life in your stride or are you the most sane one, who doesn’t get affected by the unforeseen events in your life? I recently had a chat with one of my pals about life andContinue reading “LEARN TO LIVE IN THE PRESENT”

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