A faded film roll and a truckload of memories – A Short Story

Monday morning. Breakfast time. Except for the tick-tock sound of the clock, there was an abnormal silence in the household. Who was I kidding? This was our normal these days. I looked at my husband and children, busy eating their food, with eyes on their mobile phones, their hands and mouth working in tandom. TwoContinue reading “A faded film roll and a truckload of memories – A Short Story”

#330. A TALE OF LOVE- Tuesday Picture Prompt

I had first discovered this place sometime back and it had been my safe haven ever since. The serenity this place brought to my heart was unparalleled. That’s exactly why I was going to bring her here. I know she would fall in love with this place just like I did. When I strapped herContinue reading “#330. A TALE OF LOVE- Tuesday Picture Prompt”

#293. ABANDONED SOULS: Flash Fiction

Alone in the woods, away from the crowd, I was all alone building my own cabin. This seclusion was a chosen one, for the Afgan war had not only given me battle scars but also made me bitter, too bitter to be social once again. I had forgotten how to smile, how to live again!Continue reading “#293. ABANDONED SOULS: Flash Fiction”


I have never felt this frightened before. But, I have never seen a ghostly figure, this close before, either! I hadn’t gone out for a while now, due to the pandemic scare and when the situation slightly bettered, I couldn’t wait to put on my hiking shoes. I waited for a week just to beContinue reading “#257. THE NIGHT THAT CHANGED MY LIFE- A Photo Fiction”


“Do you see that farmhouse over there?” “Yeah!” “Do you know whose house that is?” “Nah! It looks like a ghost house. So old and ugly! Why are we here?” His words shook me. Though I know it in my heart that there is no chance that my eighteen year old grandson would be awareContinue reading “#229. HAUNTED BY MEMORIES”


The love we once painted, somehow looks pained now. With our duties stringing us from one end, Familial responsibilities stringing us from the other end, Our love sure has lost its steam along the way. This is no fault of ours, but Of the time that we could no longer gift ourselves. As the realizationContinue reading “#216. STOLEN MOMENTS”


Rohit is a wayward adventurer. He is a daredevil and is impulsive. He believes that the life is meant to be lived, so, never hesitates a moment before attempting a new challege that comes his way. On the contrary, his friend Rahul, thinks twice before taking any decision. Their thoughts and attitudes were so contrasting,Continue reading “#155. REASON AND THE REASONING”

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