Remember the last time…

After his wife’s sudden demise, Victor had inherited all her wealth. Her car had skidded off the cliff and her swollen body was found two days later from the shore. He couldn’t be more proud of his foolproof plan and the clean execution of the ‘accident’. When the case was closed as an accident andContinue reading “Remember the last time…”

Beware! You are being watched!

The black dog followed them home.Not only on that day, but the days that followed that fateful day. Ria and Rohan were adventuresome twins who often took off on thrilling escapades. They always lived in the moment and lived for the exhilaration and the adrenaline rush. The twins got an high end sports car forContinue reading “Beware! You are being watched!”


Do events of the past and constant worrries of the future cloud your mind and make you blind? Please shut the doorway to your past, lest it hampers the happiness of your precious present. For neither the glories of the past, last, nor the hurt. Life goes on and we got to move on. PleaseContinue reading “LOOK BEYOND THE CLOUDS!”

#399. DOMINIC, THE HEAD-HUNTER! – A Flash Fiction

Dominic bowed his head to hide his face. This was the first time he had to hide his face, for he always stood in the forefront, leading his peers and setting an example of how fast one can grow in a corporate sector if he possessed the right mind, never losing his single-minded focus toContinue reading “#399. DOMINIC, THE HEAD-HUNTER! – A Flash Fiction”


Success and failure are two sides of the same coin, one of which can never exist without another. None of it is permanent: neither the success nor the failure! We should learn to face failure with the same level headedness as we face success! Fist thumping when we succeed and face planting when we don’t,Continue reading “GO TO SLEEP WITH HOPE!”

#367. MY SPECIAL SOMEONE – A Short Photofiction

Today was not my day. Two of my colleagues had taken an unplanned leave and in addition to taking up their share of workload, I was also subjected to my boss’s stream of expletives throughout the day at work. Yeah, definitely not my day! Mentally battered and exhausted, I reached home to find it locked.Continue reading “#367. MY SPECIAL SOMEONE – A Short Photofiction”


The splashing of pink rain boots announced her impending arrival, the arrival that sparked hundred different memories and myriad of emotions in my heart. The one girl with whom I shared the love-hate relationship, who always got the best and worst out of me, had finally arrived. As I waited for her in the airportContinue reading “#357. THE GIRL IN THE PINK BOOTS!”

#326. WHY CAN’T I?

People might scare you, demotivate you, and stop you from going that extra mile, taking that road less travelled. Never pay heed to their disheartening words, Sometimes it’s okay to go deaf! Never listen to those harsh trolls trying to bring you down, Sometimes it’s okay to act dumb! When people state ‘You can’t’, AskContinue reading “#326. WHY CAN’T I?”

#289. DECEIVING EYES – A Photo Challenge

When they say ‘Life is full of surprises!’, you might have not believed them. When they say ‘Your eyes might deceive you’, you might have not believed them either! When they say, ‘Expect the Unexpected’, did you believe them? May be, you just need a shock treatment to get those thoughts into your thick skull!😋Continue reading “#289. DECEIVING EYES – A Photo Challenge”


Roshan is an hardcore atheist. He can never stand a conversation on God, without indulging in some lighthearted mockery. His mom had long resigned to the fact he can’t be mended. He was a diver and an enthusiastic underwater photographer. Every weekend, he would run off with friends with whom he shared his interests with.Continue reading “#273. UNDERWATER EXPERIENCE”


If winter is death, surely, red-slashed autumn is the wound that brought it. This is true only if we think that to be our final. Remember the Summer Sun on our face, wildflowers everywhere, chasing butterflies and bumble bees in the backyard, gupshup with friends into the warm Summer nights. Remember the clouds adding colourContinue reading “#272. IT’S NOT OVER YET!”

#256. CAUGHT IN THE ACT- Photo Fiction

A couple in a heated discussion somewhere in California He: Did you just see what’s printed in the paper today? She: Why? What’s so special in it? You always seem to be hooked to the page 3. He: You wouldn’t believe have always been raving about Cheryl and how she would go to anyContinue reading “#256. CAUGHT IN THE ACT- Photo Fiction”

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