Valentine’s Day – A short story

“That’s so cute. You think you’re scary. But mister, I have seen scary — and you ain’t got his smile”, beamed Snehal. She had just unearthed an attic hole in Rishab’s house. “So, that’s where you keep hiding all that stuff you are always scaring me with. Not anymore Mister. I’ve got you!”, she clickedContinue reading “Valentine’s Day – A short story”

Remember the last time…

After his wife’s sudden demise, Victor had inherited all her wealth. Her car had skidded off the cliff and her swollen body was found two days later from the shore. He couldn’t be more proud of his foolproof plan and the clean execution of the ‘accident’. When the case was closed as an accident andContinue reading “Remember the last time…”

The Corpse and a Valiant Cop

Xavier wanted to dart as fast as he could across the lifeless form that emanated the putrid odor. Yet, he stood transfixed to the spot. It was his first day at work and being a rookie cop, he wanted to impress his partner, who had been in the department for five years. Unfortunately, their teamContinue reading “The Corpse and a Valiant Cop”

#351. MAAYA, THE DEVOTEE Forty-Two word Tale

The saint saw the hunchbacked lady being pushed by the overenthusiastic devotees, trying to get closer to seek his blessings. He signalled his disciple to help her out. She bowed infront of him, straightened, stabbed him and ran off into the crowd. #MaayaTheAssasin #MaayaAnIllusion ___________________________________ For 42 Words #35: TRICKERY


As the people broke open the main door of house no:13 and smelled the fetid odor, they were sure to find a dead body there. ‘Poor Jim’, they cried as they rushed inside. Jeremy always stood out in his outlandish clothes, morbid fascination for black magic tricks and midnight graveyard visits. He was called aContinue reading “#311. THE GHOUL”

#285. THE TREASURE HUNT- A Flash Fiction

The search for the treasure first started when Sameer laid his hands on his father’s treasured wooden box. It had a map, which was worn out at the creases, with a lot of scribbles/markings all over it and a small key. He tried the key in every possible keyhole and tried opening every chest inContinue reading “#285. THE TREASURE HUNT- A Flash Fiction”

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