Seriously, where are we heading?

I could hardly breathe. Two strong hands were seen strangling me and I so wanted to raise an alarm, call someone. But, those hands were roughly holding me back, my movements were restricted too. Had someone tied me? My mind couldn’t comprehend what was actually happening to me. Did someone drug me, but where didContinue reading “Seriously, where are we heading?”

Is it better to be my husband’s daughter rather than being his wife?

I guess almost every wife of this subcontinent would have wished for this atleast once in their marital life, “How I wish I were my husband’s daughter rather than being his wife”. Sigh! The reason being simple, even though your husband loves you to the moon and would have promised you stars, the moment heContinue reading “Is it better to be my husband’s daughter rather than being his wife?”

It’s raining Olympiads! My Greed Story..

I had just stepped onto my twenty-third year and was enjoying my newly attained tag of a financially independent woman when my mother thought that it would be the right age for me to get hitched. At twenty-four, I had become a proud mother and made one of the biggest decision of my life- toContinue reading “It’s raining Olympiads! My Greed Story..”

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