IMAGINATION- Rorschach test

As I concentrated on the place, where the sunlight danced on the wall creating images, though my mind tricked me into imagining vampire teeth and heart borrowing Linda’s thoughts, all I could see was a boy with his feet placed firmly on the ground, wearing a flower crown in all his glory, carrying a torch!Continue reading “IMAGINATION- Rorschach test”


Do events of the past and constant worrries of the future cloud your mind and make you blind? Please shut the doorway to your past, lest it hampers the happiness of your precious present. For neither the glories of the past, last, nor the hurt. Life goes on and we got to move on. PleaseContinue reading “LOOK BEYOND THE CLOUDS!”

#367. MY SPECIAL SOMEONE – A Short Photofiction

Today was not my day. Two of my colleagues had taken an unplanned leave and in addition to taking up their share of workload, I was also subjected to my boss’s stream of expletives throughout the day at work. Yeah, definitely not my day! Mentally battered and exhausted, I reached home to find it locked.Continue reading “#367. MY SPECIAL SOMEONE – A Short Photofiction”


This post of mine is going to be my outlook on life and would be philosophical. Just like this adorable panda who has got a comfortable basket, still eyes on a bigger wicker basket, we keep eyeing on better things in our life, while neglecting wonderful things that are already at our disposal. To beContinue reading “#322. HOW CONTENT ARE YOU?”

#256. CAUGHT IN THE ACT- Photo Fiction

A couple in a heated discussion somewhere in California He: Did you just see what’s printed in the paper today? She: Why? What’s so special in it? You always seem to be hooked to the page 3. He: You wouldn’t believe have always been raving about Cheryl and how she would go to anyContinue reading “#256. CAUGHT IN THE ACT- Photo Fiction”


Shed the inhibition, Shred the fear, Loosen your buttoned-down demeanor. Let people think what they want to, Dance to your heart’s desire. No pattern or synchronized steps, Just create some crazy hook steps. Be cordial with your own self. Deadlines and assignments can wait, Just take it light, for You’ve just got one shot atContinue reading “#228. COME ON, LET’S CELEBRATE LIFE!”

#177. MIND GAME – A Photo Fiction

I have a serious problem of staying anxious, almost every waking second. My friends used to pull my leg that I would be anxious, even when there is no problem in my life, thinking why there is no problem at all! Now, that is me, in a nutshell. I am nicknamed ‘Anxious Annie’, rightly so!Continue reading “#177. MIND GAME – A Photo Fiction”


Today is definitely not my day. Wanting to make the best impression and to show her, I had been serious about us all along, had planned a fun day for us. We started playing badminton. I let her win many sets, though she sucked at the game. Remember, making an impression! Just then the stupidContinue reading “#154. DEAR BAD LUCK”


‘I have something to tell you. Meet me at our usual place’, she sounded ecstatic. ‘I will be waiting for you’, he said, imagining her childlike glee. The ‘usual place’ happened to be a small over bridge by their street, which had been theirs for years, hideouts after every mischiefs, their first cycle practice track,Continue reading “#152. LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY”

#131. HOW WE MET: Three line Tales #242

As I parked my car, I saw a pair of eyes shining unusually bright, reflecting light off the headlights. I got spooked, as an emotionally drained person that I am, I had chosen to live alone in a cottage surrounded by wilderness. As I gathered courage and got down from my car, you came alongContinue reading “#131. HOW WE MET: Three line Tales #242”

#127. LOCKED UP (UN)WILLINGLY- #PhotoFiction

I have never been an indulgent parent! I take care of every need of my kid, but I am not always physically present for her. I never thought myself to be a bad mom, just a practical one, who runs a successful business. To compensate for my absence, I had appointed nannies to take careContinue reading “#127. LOCKED UP (UN)WILLINGLY- #PhotoFiction”


Every dip has an up. There is a spring for every fall. Like a new leaf for every fallen autumn leaf, Each fall of yours would be followed by a rise. The hardest you fall, the strongest you rise! So, chin-up, cheer up and buckle up. For, my dear friend, You are in for aContinue reading “#124. CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT”

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