Remember the last time…

After his wife’s sudden demise, Victor had inherited all her wealth. Her car had skidded off the cliff and her swollen body was found two days later from the shore. He couldn’t be more proud of his foolproof plan and the clean execution of the ‘accident’. When the case was closed as an accident andContinue reading “Remember the last time…”

#393. LET’S TAKE A BREAK! – A Microtale

It’s been a while since Joan and Alexa went out on a proper date, due to their jampacked work schedules. They realized that they’d indeed reached a breaking point, when misunderstandings started cropping up. They decided to take a break. The warm weather and clear skies beckoned them for a picnic day followed by aContinue reading “#393. LET’S TAKE A BREAK! – A Microtale”

#386. THE INSPIRATION- A Photofiction

“Woah! This looks so real! Who was your inspiration?” Shweta smiled gracefully, as she lapped up all the praises that came her way. It wasn’t everyday that someone who had been away from the art scene for a while, made heads turn with her dashing comeback. To many, it felt as if she had neverContinue reading “#386. THE INSPIRATION- A Photofiction”

#364. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO : A Flash Fiction

The love in our relationship already seemed to have reached its expiry date. The fire and passion we shared during the initial days of our relation was nowhere to be seen now. I had fallen for his carefree attitude and he, for my pleasant demeanor. Over the years, he had started feeling that I hadContinue reading “#364. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO : A Flash Fiction”

#341. LONELY SOULS- A Three Line Tale

A lone nightingale perched up a tree is seen singing a song of melancholy at night. I could so relate to his plight, for he is seriously up for attracting his mate and here I am, waiting for a single call from the girl, I am besotted with. We both seem to live in ourContinue reading “#341. LONELY SOULS- A Three Line Tale”


An enthusiastic tourist, I started clicking pictures of everything that caught my eye. That was when my eyes fell on the approaching form and I was taken aback. I had met her during an hour long train trip where she had occupied the seat next to me. I was besotted with her beauty, the momentContinue reading “#336. AND WE MEET AGAIN!”

#335. CATCHING A GLIMPSE : One Minute Fiction

My mom was always after me to make me an early morning bird. Nocturnal that I was, even having an heavy metal as my alarm tone couldn’t do the trick of waking me up from my deep slumber. So, she challenged me that if I could be awake to see the Sunrise even for aContinue reading “#335. CATCHING A GLIMPSE : One Minute Fiction”


‘How can someone be so mean?’, thought Ria for the hundredth time that day. Her photo was splashed all across the internet and she had been trolled mercilessly ever since. Someone hit her casually on the college corridor and she fell down. She was in rude shock, when a now infamous photo of hers takenContinue reading “#297. GIVE IT BACK TO THEM!”

#289. DECEIVING EYES – A Photo Challenge

When they say ‘Life is full of surprises!’, you might have not believed them. When they say ‘Your eyes might deceive you’, you might have not believed them either! When they say, ‘Expect the Unexpected’, did you believe them? May be, you just need a shock treatment to get those thoughts into your thick skull!😋Continue reading “#289. DECEIVING EYES – A Photo Challenge”

#275. IT’S MY FIRST TIME! – One Minute Fiction

Now, this is my first time setting foot on a posh mall. Growing up in a family of twelve, never in my wildest dreams, had I thought of entering a place which cried of sophistication. My job as a nanny to the royal triplets has gained me a place here, amongst the high and mightyContinue reading “#275. IT’S MY FIRST TIME! – One Minute Fiction”

#262. SWEET REVENGE – A Microtale

I detested him. My mom never seem to have good taste in men. This morning he visited our cafe wearing a dark coloured tight shirt that accentuated his paunch. As he scanned the place, his vicious eyes fell on me and stayed there for a minute. How my mom could not see those warning bells!Continue reading “#262. SWEET REVENGE – A Microtale”

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