OASIS – Six Sentence story

‘I feel frightened and suffocated. ‘I wish someone could rescue me faster from this dark cell. ‘Oh! I can hear her voice! ‘It feels like an oasis in the desert. ‘I started kicking the wall harder, so that she would hear me from the other side and reach out to me. ‘Oh momma, Is itContinue reading “OASIS – Six Sentence story”

#395. MEN WILL BE MEN! – A light-hearted Six Sentence Story

“Real men don’t cry”, he boasted. “Oh! Is it!”, I asked sarcastically. “Yeah, you women are always blackmailing us, men, that you are the ones tolerating the greatest of pain- the childbirth” “That’s true. There’s no doubt in that” “That, I would never agree. We, unfortunately aren’t blessed with uterus, else bearing child would beContinue reading “#395. MEN WILL BE MEN! – A light-hearted Six Sentence Story”

#376. THE IRONY – Six Sentence Story

Ravi looked at the clip again on the editing table. The familiar tingling sensation engulfed him, ‘to keep it or to chop it’. He doesn’t endorse superstitions and was known to make meaningful movies that always carry social reform messages. But as a director, he was always stuck choosing between the logic and luck. HeContinue reading “#376. THE IRONY – Six Sentence Story”

#340. CONSCIENCE- A Microtale

Rita’s tender hands touched her grandmom’s forehead to feel the temperature. She withdrew her hands immediately, her granny was burning with fever. She tried calling her dad and mom who were on their night shifts, but the call didn’t go through. Young Rita climbed the stool, opened the freezer, got the ice pack out. WithContinue reading “#340. CONSCIENCE- A Microtale”

#267. DREAM TEAM- A Six Sentence story

It was their dream to start their own boutique. Being the small time cloth merchants, it took them some time to get their handiwork noticed. The real life partners, partnered in their business venture too. While she took care of the designing, he handled the marketing. Together, they fought the odds, worked doubly hard toContinue reading “#267. DREAM TEAM- A Six Sentence story”

#241. THE REASON – A Microtale

“Why did you choose this field?” “Are you sure about doing this, because you should know it doesn’t pay you that much.” “After toiling yourself for years together in getting formative education, why should you struggle here?” “What happened to your lucrative white-collar job? Don’t tell me you just left it for this?” Even asContinue reading “#241. THE REASON – A Microtale”


The joy that comes with the hard earned success is indescribable. Life surely has a knack of picking up and throwing challenges at you when you least expect them. It is understandable even if you fail. Yet, what would make your journey special is your ability to show resistance – refuse to bow down tillContinue reading “#206. TAKE A STAND!”

#185. A FIRST-TIMER : A Six Sentence Story Challenge

The CD player was blasting music at full volume. The volume was so high, almost causing ear fatigue to the lady next door. When she couldn’t take the nuisance anymore, she marched right past the fence. She was determined to give them a earful for creating a ruckus and disrupting her nap. As she bargedContinue reading “#185. A FIRST-TIMER : A Six Sentence Story Challenge”

#159. EXPECTATIONS- A Six Sentence Fiction

Aren’t people being irresponsible and insensible here? Why do people expect me to get back to shape within weeks of delivering a healthy baby? Am I an elastic band, for my body to resume its normal self, immediately after months of expanding and stretching? The world is ever so demanding. Why are we women alwaysContinue reading “#159. EXPECTATIONS- A Six Sentence Fiction”


I am so fed up. As Social media went rampant, moral policing my latest public appearance, it made me revisit the day I took the worst decision of joining this online platform. Systematic and incessant trolling from the nameless trolls kept the ball rolling. After days of going underground to get my sanity back, realizationContinue reading “#132. ARMOURED AGAINST THE ANONYMOUS-A Microtale”

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