ADOPT: Just my thought

For SoCS Saturday: ‘opt’ To use the word ‘opt’ or a word with ‘opt’ and base our post on that word. I have used the word ‘Adopt’. Here’s my thought on moms who didn’t carry their children in their wombs, but gave birth to them from their hearts, thus forging a relation for the lifetime.Continue reading “ADOPT: Just my thought”


As the people broke open the main door of house no:13 and smelled the fetid odor, they were sure to find a dead body there. ‘Poor Jim’, they cried as they rushed inside. Jeremy always stood out in his outlandish clothes, morbid fascination for black magic tricks and midnight graveyard visits. He was called aContinue reading “#311. THE GHOUL”


What’s that one thing that takes a backstage when you become a mom? Any guesses? We often forget celebrating us! Tell me, how often have you cooked your favourite food over your loved ones’? How often have you watched your favourite programme in the television over theirs? But, the beauty of the whole act isContinue reading “#276. CELEBRATING THE NEW ‘ME’”


Dana’s life wasn’t the same when her parents decided to divorce when she was just two. Reason for the separation- her mom saw herself too sophisticated to stay in the ranch with her dad. Late realization! She later told Dana that the day she finally decided to move out and move on was the dayContinue reading “#214. MY DADA AND I”

#190. OLDIE GOLDIE – A Mini Rant

‘Old is gold’, my wise mom never forgot to repeat the age old proverb to emphasize the wisdom she has come to attain with age.Well, the rebel me always came up with the perfect retort, ‘Old might be gold, but new is diamond’. If I could paraphrase it for the current times, I would sayContinue reading “#190. OLDIE GOLDIE – A Mini Rant”


If I were a container of wisdom, I would want to be as empty as I could be, to take in as much knowledge as I could. They say, empty vessel makes noise. Let there be noise within me that would never allow me to sleep, always reminding me that there is so much toContinue reading “#165. IF I WERE A CONTAINER!”

#139. FASHION: Not my cup of tea

Fashion- the most overrated word of this generation. Call me old-fashioned, but I am okay wearing clothes that I am comfortable in, rather than stuffing myself in the latest craze. I am curious to know how someone could even breathe inside that bodycon? When people go berserk with the latest fashion rage or fad, IContinue reading “#139. FASHION: Not my cup of tea”

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