A Contest like no other!

It was a contest like no other. To say that my first day at the in-laws place was quite eventful would be an understatement. I was nervous and excited for the obvious reasons. A contest was organized to humor the newest member of the family, that is, yours truly. My husband explained to me aboutContinue reading “A Contest like no other!”


“Shut your face and cover up, will you? You’re frightening the kids around”, Hamsa was chided frequently. Her present state had already taken her courage, confidence and words, away, tormenting her soul every waking moment. She could only cry, for the hurt caused by the people’s stares were more painful than the actual scars givenContinue reading “#406. YOU CAN’T SHUT ME UP ANYMORE!”


Success and failure are two sides of the same coin, one of which can never exist without another. None of it is permanent: neither the success nor the failure! We should learn to face failure with the same level headedness as we face success! Fist thumping when we succeed and face planting when we don’t,Continue reading “GO TO SLEEP WITH HOPE!”


The evening was an engaging experience. It all began when Nithin asked, “Why don’t I have even one?”. He had seen his friends playing with their grandparents from our balcony. Ritesh’s and my parents passed away even before Nithin was born. We were the only offsprings of our parents too and so, he had neverContinue reading “#358. HAPPINESS MULTIPLIES WHEN SHARED”


Sia and Shivani jumped up in joy as they spotted a Spotted Deer for the first time in the Sri Lankan zoo. All of four, they were always full of questions and I would always be at the receiving end of the never-ending questions of my Curious Curies. Yeah, you’ve guessed it right. I amContinue reading “#317. BECAUSE, I KNOW THAT HE DOESN’T KNOW EITHER!”

#283. THE WAR HAS BEGUN- A Flash Fiction

There’s a planet at the edge of the universe not unlike the earth in landscape and atmosphere. But its inhabitants are not. The similarity unfortunately ends with just the landscape, the inhabitants there are far more truthful and innocent than the Earthians. Even the wind and sea obeyed their leader, whose sole purpose in lifeContinue reading “#283. THE WAR HAS BEGUN- A Flash Fiction”


It is an Annual event, all the more reason to celebrate it merrily. Wow! I am finally 18. Feeling sublime that I am finally adult, I thought its about time everyone starts treating me like one! As I lazed around in my bed with eyes still closed, the frying smell of hot snacks from myContinue reading “#249. THE AWAKENING”


A change of season always gives me great perspective on life. If things are going great, It makes me pause. Gives me a reminder to stay humble, for What’s mine today, might be someone else’s, the very next day. If things are going real bad, It reassures me that this too shall pass, helps meContinue reading “#219. CHANGE OF SEASONS”

#194. NEW RESTAURANT IN TOWN! – A Flash Fiction

I have a confession to make. I am a big time foodie. Any new restaurant launch or food competition in town, I am expected to be in attendance. I am that popular. Street style foods or five star restaurants, the standard doesn’t matter to me as much as the variety and taste. My wife makesContinue reading “#194. NEW RESTAURANT IN TOWN! – A Flash Fiction”


It came as no surprise, when she entered the shop and found it inhabited by snakes. Well, it was bound to happen. With the shop being shut for almost a year due to the deadly viral attack, what did she expect to see, when it was reopened! The artifacts and collectible shop had been herContinue reading “#170. WHERE TO NEXT?”


My disciplinarian mother, sometimes makes me think she might be from megalithic period. She once stitched up my cold shoulder top and torn jeans thinking them to be just that, torn! Now, would you believe that? I became a laughing stock in my friends circle, the next day. Mothers!_________________________________For Weekend Writing Prompt #175: Megalith

#143. WE ARE OPEN! – A FlashFiction

Sheena couldn’t contain her glee and the sense of pride, as she turned the placard, ‘We are open’, in her newly acquired weekend shop. She had her own set of struggles, her own demons to face. Growing up in an orphanage, where she had always felt unwanted, to dropping out of college to marry someone,Continue reading “#143. WE ARE OPEN! – A FlashFiction”

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