Let’s not fall for those traps

‘Am I good enough?’ ‘Will people laugh?’ ‘Am I correct?’ ‘Will I be called uptight?’ There are so many barriers, we set for ourselves. The moment we fall for these traps, Our growth stops. If we don’t set us free from expectations, we’d start feeling at sea. Breaking the barrier, Letting our ambitions to beContinue reading “Let’s not fall for those traps”


Yes, the recent times are undoubtedly challenging, but It’s not time for sulking. There’s definitely light at the end of the dark tunnel, Be aware of the energy freewheeling in your inner channel. Buckle up, let your spirits up, For it’s time to rejoice, Listen to your inner voice. Break off the gloom, Let yourContinue reading “#375. CHEER UP, EVERYONE!”

#341. LONELY SOULS- A Three Line Tale

A lone nightingale perched up a tree is seen singing a song of melancholy at night. I could so relate to his plight, for he is seriously up for attracting his mate and here I am, waiting for a single call from the girl, I am besotted with. We both seem to live in ourContinue reading “#341. LONELY SOULS- A Three Line Tale”


Sheeba was the latest one to be taken for questioning in the ongoing drug racket. She had now become the new face of the current scandal in every news channel. Even before proven guilty, she was pursued by the press relentlessly who hounded her with questions, pertinent or not. She had been facing the socialContinue reading “#302. MEDIA TRIAL”


Roshan is an hardcore atheist. He can never stand a conversation on God, without indulging in some lighthearted mockery. His mom had long resigned to the fact he can’t be mended. He was a diver and an enthusiastic underwater photographer. Every weekend, he would run off with friends with whom he shared his interests with.Continue reading “#273. UNDERWATER EXPERIENCE”


‘I am home.’ This statement holds more value now, as I just got back after being in the Mental Health facility for six months. My parents handled me like I was some crystal vase that could crack any moment. Uf! I thumped the desk in frustration. No, I wouldn’t cry. How I wish, relieving myselfContinue reading “#237. THE NEW BEGINNINGS”

#207. STRANGER ALERT – Flash Fiction

On a lonely night, I was sitting beside the window staring outside with just my feline giving me company. Since the time I had lost my partner in the Afghan war, I had voluntarily exiled myself to avoid all the concern filled eyes of the community. I wanted to stay alone holding on to theContinue reading “#207. STRANGER ALERT – Flash Fiction”

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