I looked around at the almost deserted railway station which would normally be bursting with people, echoing their non-stop chatters. Covid times..I sighed. My mind wandered two decades back. I used to like the train journeys and the happiness, that travel to my grandparent’s place brought along. The packed meal carriers, tea-coffee vendors, bickering withContinue reading “Nostalgia”

Listen to your inner child!

Listen to your inner child, For it would never lie. Sans any inhibitions, embrace it. Take time to introspect. Listen to that inner voice. Tap into that reflective space. Innocent, creative and excited, That part of the psyche leaves you wanting for more. Stay connected with it to reap the happiness gallore. Feeling neglected orContinue reading “Listen to your inner child!”

All I want for Christmas..

The old easy chair placed in the garden groaned as Mary sat on it. Her aged eyes took in the sight of the birds returning to their nests. ‘How did they even know the direction and the right time to return to their nests’, she wondered aloud for the millionth time. It was Mary’s favouriteContinue reading “All I want for Christmas..”

#386. THE INSPIRATION- A Photofiction

“Woah! This looks so real! Who was your inspiration?” Shweta smiled gracefully, as she lapped up all the praises that came her way. It wasn’t everyday that someone who had been away from the art scene for a while, made heads turn with her dashing comeback. To many, it felt as if she had neverContinue reading “#386. THE INSPIRATION- A Photofiction”


What are you looking at, oh buddy? Taking small but sure steps, You are walking through that thin log, finding your way through. Noone ever knows what’s waiting at the other end, Serene meadows or a bottomless quicksand? You’d never know, unless You decide to take the risk, tread that path less travelled. You mightContinue reading “#359. CARVE YOUR OWN PATH”


This post of mine is going to be my outlook on life and would be philosophical. Just like this adorable panda who has got a comfortable basket, still eyes on a bigger wicker basket, we keep eyeing on better things in our life, while neglecting wonderful things that are already at our disposal. To beContinue reading “#322. HOW CONTENT ARE YOU?”

#285. THE TREASURE HUNT- A Flash Fiction

The search for the treasure first started when Sameer laid his hands on his father’s treasured wooden box. It had a map, which was worn out at the creases, with a lot of scribbles/markings all over it and a small key. He tried the key in every possible keyhole and tried opening every chest inContinue reading “#285. THE TREASURE HUNT- A Flash Fiction”

#253. BEHIND THAT SMILING FACE – An Inspiring Fictional tale

The scuttlebutt in our village has it that she must either be a witch or a Goddess. But collectively, everyone believed that she had special powers for, no one has ever seen her cry, not when she was hated at birth because of her gender; not when polio paralyzed her legs, because of not beingContinue reading “#253. BEHIND THAT SMILING FACE – An Inspiring Fictional tale”

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