#263. ZOMBIE SCARE? – A Microfiction

When I saw the pictures and live videos of the Halloween party I had missed, being posted on social media, I grudgingly had to accept that my friends indeed had a great time. But, for the next two days, I couldn’t reach even a single one of them. ‘What would have happened after the party?Continue reading “#263. ZOMBIE SCARE? – A Microfiction”

#261. ONE-LINER WEDNESDAY: Pro tip for the grocery store visit

Never forget to carry an extra set of masks, for you wouldn’t know the aftereffects of sneezing into the mask and not being able to change it; but I do and believe me when I say, it is worse than holding your breath while using the public toilet! ______________________________________ This is issued in public health😋Continue reading “#261. ONE-LINER WEDNESDAY: Pro tip for the grocery store visit”

#241. THE REASON – A Microtale

“Why did you choose this field?” “Are you sure about doing this, because you should know it doesn’t pay you that much.” “After toiling yourself for years together in getting formative education, why should you struggle here?” “What happened to your lucrative white-collar job? Don’t tell me you just left it for this?” Even asContinue reading “#241. THE REASON – A Microtale”


When I saw my daughter’s eyes dancing with joy as she took in the accumulated toy pile, it somehow felt right to bring her here. While affording a new toy was a privilege for us, looking at the pile of broken and unused toys thrown out by the privileged kids of the condominium made meContinue reading “#239. UNWANTED?”


This is her first time on the Ferris Wheel. As she laughed with unbridled joy, the twinkle in her eyes instantly transported me to the time, when I took her mom for the first time in the same ferry wheel. I still laugh everytime, remembering how she had screamed and held onto me for herContinue reading “#238. REMEMBERING HER”

#234. THE THING NOBODY TALKS ABOUT: One-Liner Wednesday

I have always wondered, what people could have possibly achieved with all the extra seconds they have saved by typing just ‘k’, ‘U’ and ‘S’ in the messengers and email communications! #JustAsking This post is written for One-Liner Wednesday: October 14th

#230. UNBALANCED – Twenty-words Tuesday Challenge

1. It is natural to feel unbalanced when you’re trying to strike that perfect balance between professional commitments and personal life. 2. Trying to separate fantasies from reality, my brain went on overdrive and I ended up feeling unbalanced, detached and confused. ________________________________________ For Twenty-words Tuesday – Week 11: Unbalanced


“Do you see that farmhouse over there?” “Yeah!” “Do you know whose house that is?” “Nah! It looks like a ghost house. So old and ugly! Why are we here?” His words shook me. Though I know it in my heart that there is no chance that my eighteen year old grandson would be awareContinue reading “#229. HAUNTED BY MEMORIES”

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