Riya was not an orphan, but she felt like one. She was an unfortunate kid, but there used to be a time when she felt blessed. Her dad, a street busker had met her mom during one of his performances, courted her and eventually got married. They had a lovely life, with the arrival ofContinue reading “#225. HEY LIFE, HERE I COME!”


Between your “It’s time” and my “There’s still time”, our love budded. Between your pessimistic attitude and my optimistic outlook, our love bloomed. I know you don’t have much time. Yet, I was too selfish. I wanted every single moment of your life, that’s left, only for me. With every passing moment, you are slowlyContinue reading “#224. WILL THE TIME STAND STILL?”


The love we once painted, somehow looks pained now. With our duties stringing us from one end, Familial responsibilities stringing us from the other end, Our love sure has lost its steam along the way. This is no fault of ours, but Of the time that we could no longer gift ourselves. As the realizationContinue reading “#216. STOLEN MOMENTS”


Dana’s life wasn’t the same when her parents decided to divorce when she was just two. Reason for the separation- her mom saw herself too sophisticated to stay in the ranch with her dad. Late realization! She later told Dana that the day she finally decided to move out and move on was the dayContinue reading “#214. MY DADA AND I”


I am a successful corporate professional, visiting my hometown after years. Getting off my SUV, I did a double take glancing at the place that was once lush with greenery looking like a graveyard now. I looked questioningly at my dad who gave me a wry smile, “If everyone of you from this generation migrateContinue reading “#211. GREENER PASTURES”


“Where are we? I have never been here. This place is so beautiful.” “I know you would like it here dad. That’s why I wanted you to accompany me on my morning walk today.” “I am glad I did.” Giving sideways glance to his beaming face, I couldn’t control my tears. ‘Oh dad! I stillContinue reading “#208. SMALL HAPPINESS”

#207. STRANGER ALERT – Flash Fiction

On a lonely night, I was sitting beside the window staring outside with just my feline giving me company. Since the time I had lost my partner in the Afghan war, I had voluntarily exiled myself to avoid all the concern filled eyes of the community. I wanted to stay alone holding on to theContinue reading “#207. STRANGER ALERT – Flash Fiction”


The joy that comes with the hard earned success is indescribable. Life surely has a knack of picking up and throwing challenges at you when you least expect them. It is understandable even if you fail. Yet, what would make your journey special is your ability to show resistance – refuse to bow down tillContinue reading “#206. TAKE A STAND!”


Nishi thought of people who had written her off, when she took the brave decision of birthing and raising her kid single-handedly at the peak of her modelling career. She never regretted the decision even for a moment as she was always sure about her priorities. She work hard and now after two straight years,Continue reading “#205. SHE HAS ARRIVED!”

#199. ONE FINE DAY! – A Photo Fiction

Take 1: Elena, the fan Elena was shocked when all of a sudden, a promo of her favourite web series was unveiled. The protagonist of the series, Rachel was one strong headed woman with a never give up attitude, whom Elena had taken a liking to. She looked up to her for her positive outlookContinue reading “#199. ONE FINE DAY! – A Photo Fiction”

#196. THE BECKONING – A Flash Fiction

Is it just me or does anyone of you have felt that the Moon is growing abnormally in size, month after every month? I have always felt some kind of connection with the Moon right from my childhood. It all started with my mother feeding me in our big garden when I was one, pointingContinue reading “#196. THE BECKONING – A Flash Fiction”

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