#190. OLDIE GOLDIE – A Mini Rant

‘Old is gold’, my wise mom never forgot to repeat the age old proverb to emphasize the wisdom she has come to attain with age.Well, the rebel me always came up with the perfect retort, ‘Old might be gold, but new is diamond’. If I could paraphrase it for the current times, I would sayContinue reading “#190. OLDIE GOLDIE – A Mini Rant”


“Mumma….mumma” “Yes, my dear” “My friend just told me that there are blood sucking vampires out there, who take a stroll down the lane during the daytime too.” “No dear. She must be joking” “No mumma. She saw them cutting necks, screaming some mumbo-jumbo and when the hot blood starts flowing down the neck, sheContinue reading “# 187. OH THE HORROR!”

#186. THE LOVE OF MY LIFE – A Microtale

I was feeling overwhelmed with the whole arrangements and the pain he had taken to make the moment perfect for me. I walked as gracefully as I could manage with my long train, as I wanted to be beside him at the earliest. Reaching the other end of the archway, I saw him smiling lovinglyContinue reading “#186. THE LOVE OF MY LIFE – A Microtale”

#185. A FIRST-TIMER : A Six Sentence Story Challenge

The CD player was blasting music at full volume. The volume was so high, almost causing ear fatigue to the lady next door. When she couldn’t take the nuisance anymore, she marched right past the fence. She was determined to give them a earful for creating a ruckus and disrupting her nap. As she bargedContinue reading “#185. A FIRST-TIMER : A Six Sentence Story Challenge”

#177. MIND GAME – A Photo Fiction

I have a serious problem of staying anxious, almost every waking second. My friends used to pull my leg that I would be anxious, even when there is no problem in my life, thinking why there is no problem at all! Now, that is me, in a nutshell. I am nicknamed ‘Anxious Annie’, rightly so!Continue reading “#177. MIND GAME – A Photo Fiction”

#174. THE PREDICTION: Flash Fiction

I had a bad feeling about this from the very beginning. Yet, he chose not to listen to me and dragged me along for this ‘fun’ event. Duh! Fun for whom, I wonder! The place gave me an eerie vibe. The lady dressed up in all black with rows and rows of beads and tattoosContinue reading “#174. THE PREDICTION: Flash Fiction”


I have always had people come, seen them make a move, for my money and fame, feigning love, yet interested only in my name. But, when I lost everything in a game, things were no longer the same. When lost all glory, I was no longer fun. With everyone gone, left all alone, I wasContinue reading “#173. LOVE IS NOT LOST”


My laugh echoed off the deserted pathway. Testing my recently acquired magical powers, I made the lamps, light and explode on their own. Confidently, I made the road to crack in the middle. Just when I felt invincible, I stumbled and fell right into the crack, I had just created. _____________________________________ For Fifty word ThursdayContinue reading “#166. CONFIDENT OR IGNORANT?”


As I torched my entry ticket to his parent’s anniversary party, my mind painted fresh memories of our first meet and the cascading effect, it had on our lives. I was walking my dog one night, when my slippers decided to fail me. Limping, just as my efforts to contain my dog turned futile, aContinue reading “#163. I WILL SURVIVE!”

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