#261. ONE-LINER WEDNESDAY: Pro tip for the grocery store visit

Never forget to carry an extra set of masks, for you wouldn’t know the aftereffects of sneezing into the mask and not being able to change it; but I do and believe me when I say, it is worse than holding your breath while using the public toilet!

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This is issued in public health😋

For One-liner Wednesday : 21st October


What is a celebration? Why are festivals being celebrated with such fervor in every part of the world?

In my opinion, celebration is the joyous occasion of celebrating this life, grateful for what God has given us, honoring it with the people who are closer to our heart.

Celebration with the family and as a community makes sure that the people who are otherwise busy with work and daily chores, take time out and come together with only positivity in their thoughts, praying for a better year ahead!

Having said that this year is unique in its own way, where already a major part of the festivities starting from Ganesh Chathurthi, Onam and Krishna Jayathi to Dusshera now, have been celebrated without much fanfare.

For a country with people who pride themselves to be carrying their emotions on their sleeves, who burst crackers and share sweets even for as small as a cricket win, this would have been a huge bummer.

COVID has surely been a speed breaker in our organized life, having majorly affected our personal and professional life, restricting us inside the four walls. But believe me, it isn’t as powerful as our will; it isn’t as old and rich as our tradition.

Sure, the virus has managed to add constraints to our life and access to things, but we can still celebrate the joy of being together with our family during this testing time. This isolation period has come as a blessing to many, especially to me, whose life has otherwise followed a strict routine, with not much time left to invest on self. This much needed distraction from my routine has offered me a chance to rediscover self, which had almost got forgotten in the bargain.

So, I am intending to celebrate festivals with more enthusiasm this year, to compensate for the gloominess the situation has brought along.

Just how a small candle is enough to brighten a dark room, a small spark inside us is enough to ignite our whole being; a small celebration done with utmost devotion is enough to send this pandemic packing off to the place where it came from!

Celebrate everyday of this life, as if it’s your last, be eternally grateful for the life you have been blessed with and cherish every moment with the people you care for!


Who, according to you, share the most special bond in this world? I would definitely vote for a father-daughter relationship to top the chart. A father who loves his son-daughter equally, definitely has a soft corner for his daughter in his heart.

I sometimes wonder if men see their mothers in their daughters! I have seen strong men immerse themselves in a pool of tears when their offsprings fall sick, when they send off their daughters to boarding schools, while marrying off their daughters and expecting their grandchild, waiting impatiently outside the maternity ward! The otherwise intimidating father figures reduce to tears getting all gooey, fretting over their daughters.

My relationship with my dad was/is/will be special, he has been my guiding light. We are never vocal about our love, but he is always there to hold my hand, to show me the right path, when yours truly is confused. I am that confident that I don’t think twice before I let go off my hand, knowing for sure that he won’t let me fall!

My dad has so much confidence in his offsprings that it befuddles me sometimes. How could someone blindly support and love his daughter.Perhaps, that’s what selfless love is. He never stopped me in trying out anything, never made me feel that I can’t achieve something, because I am a girl. He is one of those few men who never differentiated between a son and daugher, never hesitating to encourage them to chase their dreams.

As a child, I was opinionated and my dad always treated me like I am the most important person in his life, always lending his ears to whatever I had to say, even when I didn’t make much sense😀. He had never tried to belittle me or letting me know that I was less experienced than him to dole out suggestions at my will.

My dad is my personal cheerleader.At every stage of my life, I am yet to find another living being who takes pride in the fact that I am a part of his life. Even when he is sure that my ideas won’t work out, he still hears me out and never laughs at my face. He has believed in my potential like no one else, always egging me to use it to the fullest. I like the fact that he is never prejudiced and accepts people with their flaws.

My dad has never tried to influence my opinions, even when we agreed to disagree at many instances. He let me be, a strong headed person but made sure I am compassionate just like him. Sometimes, I feel like I have inherited most of his personalities in addition to his physical features.

As far as I can remember, I used to be surprised and has taken pride in the fact that he is a Maths Genius. He just calculates everything in his mind and gives the accurate answer. As a child, my favourite passtime used to be asking him complicated sums with bigger digits, only to get the correct answer everytime. He still astonishes me with his memory power for someone who didn’t get a chance to attend a regular college or to learn in a good institution. He must have been one of those prodigies who didn’t get to prove or excel in their choice of field!

My dad is always a hit, as a human being in addition to being a tremendous father. His nonstop non-sensical jokes makes everyone double up with laughter, children and adult alike. As much as he dishes out sarcastic jokes, he could still act all goofy with his grandkids. On one hand, he surprises with his immense worldly knowledge to being a part of my kids’ make believe tea party on the other hand.

Whenever I have spoken to one of his colleagues or customers, I have always heard about how patient, smart and encouraging he is, not something that I don’t know. But, it still makes me feel so proud about him. Being in the demanding banking job, he never once showed his frustrations at home! No one would believe that a person of his credibility would just be a caring person at home, sharing responsibilities with my mom, being his endearing self and acting as a court jester to his family, always entertaining us!

Every daughter, who had shared a great bond with her father would want a clone of her father as her partner, to see that lovable father figure in her significant other. I see no wrong in that wish and I am glad to have someone in my life who just takes care of me like my dad used to; who is there to cheer me on, at every turn I take; who respects me and my opinions, who always considers me as his first child; whose definition of ‘manliness’ is sharing duties, giving equal opportunities, finding happiness and feeling equally proud about my achievements; who sometimes goes overboard in letting everyone know about his wife’s talents, however small it might be; who is a super dad, better at parenting than me! I have just been lucky to have found someone just like my dad. I shouldn’t be surprised, for my dad is the one who selected my partner!

This post is dedicated to all the lovely fathers out there. A big shout-out to your unconditional love, borderlining over-proteciveness. Dads definitely are our shooting star and guiding light, in a starless night sky!


I have never felt this frightened before. But, I have never seen a ghostly figure, this close before, either!

I hadn’t gone out for a while now, due to the pandemic scare and when the situation slightly bettered, I couldn’t wait to put on my hiking shoes. I waited for a week just to be sure if it was really safer to get back to my normal life.

The weather was pleasant this morning and I felt that the fresh air and the chirping birds were beckoning me to be outdoor today. And that’s how I found myself taking a short run towards my favourite spot ten minutes later.

The forest clearing by the lake was full of pine, oak trees, but my favourite was the majestic willows which never failed to offer solace to my soul, the tree was my forever companion sharing my happiness and misery equally.

I found my companion, the ever so graceful willow greeting me in silence and I had an one-on-one chit chat with her. Feeling rejuvenated, on my way back, I looked in dismay, that the once beautiful place looked clogged with disposable masks. To think that within a week of city being deemed safe, the forest part of the city has never looked more unsafe. It was appalling to see how careless the people were. With a heavy heart, I got back to my place, showered and got on with my regular work.

It was well past midnight and I was about to call it a day. Just then, my windows started clattering all of a sudden and when I went to shut them, I saw a ghostly figure shrieking and weeping. I felt so frightened, yet I couldn’t take my eyes off it, for it looked so familiar.

On a closer look, I could see the trees I had long befriended by the lake, just outside my house. But, they were not in their usual element, they were all bunched together by the mask almost twice their size, suffocating them to death. I could neither move my feet to help them nor could I find my voice to cry for help. And there in front of my eyes, I saw their lives end, one after the other. Panic stricken and saddened beyond imagination, I woke up with a start, having fallen asleep on my work table.

I felt relieved that that it was just a nightmare. But then I realized that there wasn’t much difference between the people who littered the forest clearing with their masks and me, who after a moment of indignation, moved on without giving it a second glance.

Feeling ashamed, I decided to volunteer in clearing those masks first thing in the morning.


For Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- October 20th

To use words Willows, Misery, Silence

Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt – Week 19

#256. CAUGHT IN THE ACT- Photo Fiction

A couple in a heated discussion somewhere in California

He: Did you just see what’s printed in the paper today?

She: Why? What’s so special in it? You always seem to be hooked to the page 3.

He: You wouldn’t believe this..you have always been raving about Cheryl and how she would go to any extent to bring justice to the ‘me too’ victims!

She: Yeah…She is a true-blue feminist!

He: Then, what would you say about this..She has allowed her co-star William to indulge in the obscene act and looks like she was also having a good time, basking in his glory. She is no cherub, as she always likes to portray herself. I tell you, all women are….

She: Woah! Stop saying anything further! I don’t believe a word you are saying. Just give me that damn paper.

She almost tore the newspaper as she took it from her husband fiercely. Her eyes bulged with controlled emotion, as she took in the news. ‘Unbelievable’, she thought. Just then, her eyes fell on the last line of the page, which had mentioned, ‘Full report on page 6’.

As she turned to that page, she saw another picture which showed Cheryl slapping William. She gave a victory smile as she shoved that page on her husband’s face.

She: Look now, Who got his dues!

Meanwhile in a five star suite

She: Wow! This has come out so well, more than I expected.

He: Yeah. I am glad you accepted my proposal.

She: As long as it boosts my declining career..

He: I am sure you would be flooded with offers now. (Winked)

The once sought after actor William smiled, as together with Cheryl, he has managed to finagle a slot on primetime television. He was sure that he would be the face of the television for the next few weeks. At this stage in his career, he is okay with the negative publicity too!



Photo Challenge #337

Three Things Challenge #394

Cherub, Paper, True

FOWC with Fandango: Finagle

Image Credit: pinterest, references from internet

#254. THE FEAR – A Flash Fiction

For the record, I don’t believe in ghosts and I double up in laughter whenever my family chooses to watch any scary movie on television. When they would be busy watching the scenes hiding under the blanket or behind the sofa, I would tear up, unable to control my laughter. Jump scares really do that for me.

When my kids are too afraid to move, even to use the washroom after watching a horror movie, I would have a great time making weird noises that would send them screaming down the hall. Well, I could be devilish sometimes!

But, when my neighbour died of a ghastly fire accident, my kids’ fears reached a new high. They started getting scared even when a door closed loudly. So, when things were getting out of hand, I thought of making them realize that ghosts didn’t really exist and the ghostly tales were just a myth.

The plan was set. I dressed up in a long white kaftan, covered myself with a white blanket, leaving just two holes for me to peep through. I sat on the bed, waiting for my kids to reach home after their late evening classes.

As soon as they entered their bedroom, I shrieked like a banshee and made a jump on them. I was happy that the sudden power outage, thunder and heavy wind were naturally giving me the desired effect. My kids’ shrieking voice echoed off the walls, as they tried running towards the exit.

I caught them before they could run off and hugged them from behind. When they got to know it was just me, they calmed down. When I had their rapt attention, I explained how the soul of the person who had died would have now taken up a different body to exist and the body that the soul had left behind had already been cremated. I told them that there was nothing called ghost in this world and they were just superstitious beliefs.

When I finally saw the understanding dawning on their faces, I heaved a sigh of relief and left them on their own to freshen up.

I entered my bedroom, latched it and started removing my ghostly makeup with a smile playing on my lips, just remembering my kids’ shocked faces. ‘Not bad, I have a backup job of an actress’, I happily patted my back.

I took my mobile and clicked a selfie to show my husband who would be returning home later today. I would be sharing a good laugh with him, narrating the hilarious incident. After clicking, I checked the picture, only to find my dead neighbour with a scarred face, standing beside me in it. This time, I shrieked for real!


For Eugi’s weekly prompt: Ghostly

Image Credit: https://www.lovethispic.com/image/377537/spooky-ghost-sitting-in-bed;


#253. BEHIND THAT SMILING FACE – An Inspiring Fictional tale

Image credit: Pisauikan@ Pixabay

The scuttlebutt in our village has it that she must either be a witch or a Goddess. But collectively, everyone believed that she had special powers for, no one has ever seen her cry,

not when she was hated at birth because of her gender;

not when polio paralyzed her legs, because of not being inoculated with the vaccine;

not when she married young and widowed soon after;

not when she had to raise her three kids all alone;

not when her grownup kids left her and migrated to the city looking for better options;

not when she pulled vegetable cart for her living even now at the ripe age of 90.

No, her smile has never faded, not even when the vicious life had tested her multiple times. Throughout her life, though surrounded by people, she was all alone.

It never bothered her when a few people took a jab at her for her disability.

With her amputated legs, it always seemed easier for her to go through the pathway of life, full of needles than many physically abled people, for she had that grit in her.

Her resilience and the ‘Never say never’ attitude never ceases to amaze anyone who was lucky enough to cross paths with her!

Every wrinkle in her face stands as the testimony for the battles she had survived and come out strong!


For What do you see #52

FOWC with Fandango: Scuttlebutt

Three Things Challenge #393

Inoculate, Needle, Jab





Yes to all.




Yes to all.

I am their mom.

In the eye of the storm,

They keep me cozy and warm.

Walking around in a daze

Sometimes I am captured in their maze.

Warpy, yet they make me so sappy-

with boundless love.

The sure case of blow hot blow cold;

With their love, I am already sold.

Even with the feelings swinging either way,

I wouldn’t have them any other way.

Even with all the madness,

They are my daily dose of happiness.

At my wits end most of the time,

Twisted; yet they are mine.


My writeup might not be perfect, but my emotions are! Now, this is the third post of the day that I wrote about my kids! So, you could guess how my life is completely influenced by them.

Thanks for reading.



This post is written for

Thursday Inspo #78

Theme: Happy

The Saturday Symphony #15



In the worst moments of this pandemic, what has brought you the most joy and peace?

Where is your eye in this storm?

My eye in this storm lies most definitely in the place where my family is. Place doesn’t matter as long as they are with me.

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