The Corpse and a Valiant Cop

Xavier wanted to dart as fast as he could across the lifeless form that emanated the putrid odor. Yet, he stood transfixed to the spot.

It was his first day at work and being a rookie cop, he wanted to impress his partner, who had been in the department for five years. Unfortunately, their team were called in to bust a drug peddling racket in the neighborhood. When the culprits were cornered, they managed to hold two innocent children as hostage in a bid to escape the cops.

‘How long would I be stationed here!’, Xavier wondered. The body that lay down badgered with bullets made him cringe.

Wanting to make his first day a memorable one, Xavier made a smart move and saved a kid. The last he saw before he jumped was respect in his partner’s eyes and surprise in the gunman’s face.

Xavier’s wait was finally over when two cops came to take charge. As they moved the corpse, Xavier felt stupefied to see his lifeless form staring back at him.



FOWC with Fandango:


Three Things Challenge #433:

Move, Dart, Cringe

Published by Ramya Vivek

Formerly a Software professional, I have been a homemaker for a while. My life revolves around my two daughters. Having started writing only recently, I just discovered what I have been missing all along in my otherwise almost-perfect life. I want to create postive content inspiring minds across all age groups.

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